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Studies have shown that writing down notes and ideas is a proven way to retain information. Why not do it in style? We have cultivated pen, ink, and notebook suggestions for all lifestyles and needs. Whether you’re a professional looking for a sleek set of writing tools, a busy parent with a packed schedule to keep track of, or a lefty trying to take clean and easy notes, we’ve got the products for you!

For the Studying Student:

TWSBI Eco, Clairefontaine Wirebound notebook, Noodler's Lexington Grey

Class bells are ringing and you’re getting ready to hit the books. Head to class in style with an iconic fountain pen, a school appropriate ink, and a notebook that will accommodate the sea of notes you’ll be writing this semester. The TWSBI Eco ($28.99) offers a large ink capacity for lots of writing before needing to refill. Noodler’s Lexington Gray ($12.50) flows smoothly and is bulletproof, meaning it remains steadfast even through the inevitable accidental coffee or energy drink spill. The Clairefontaine Classic Wirebound notebooks ($14) offer 90 pages of fountain pen friendly paper and four cover colors for easy color coordination.

For the Busy Parent:

Leuchtturm Planner and Pilot Varsity pens

Being a parent on the go can be chaotic. Doctor’s appointments, soccer practices, dance recitals, who could possibly keep it all straight? Give your brain a break and consider our picks for moms and dads that need a place to organize their thoughts and notes. The Leuchtturm1917 planners ($20.95) have 7 days to a page with a lined page for notes on the opposite side. See the week at a glance on one side and write down a stray thought on the other! Rachel Goulet recommends the Pilot Varsity pens ($3.95 or as a 7-pack for $21) as the ultimate pen for parents because they’re “pre-loaded with different colors, super affordable, easy to lend to a kid if they want to try it out, and durable for throwing in a purse.”

For the Polished Professional:

Boardroom Boss Package Set, Lamy 2000, Leuchtturm A5 notebook, Diamine 1864 Blue-Black

Business decisions are tough, but your choice of note-taking tools for the next big meeting doesn’t have to be. Pick up the Boardroom Boss Package Set, a collection as authoritative as it is sophisticated. Customize with the sleek and sophisticated Lamy 2000- Makrolon ($159.20) in your choice of nib size and a black Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 notebook (19.50) in your choice of Dot Grid, Lined, Blank, or Graph. This set is completed with a bottle of the fun yet professional Diamine 1864 Blue-Black ink ($15.95). Offered together as a set, at a discount for $174.90.

For the Wordsmith Writer:

Platinum 3776 Century, Maruman Mnemosyne N199 A4 notebook, Noodler's Black

To write the next great novel, you’re going to need a great pen. Start with the Platinum 3776 Century ($150-$216), a gold nib pen with styling reminiscent of vintage pens used by many great authors. The “Slip and Seal Cap Mechanism” prevents ink from drying out in between note-taking sessions. Add a Maruman Mnemosyne N199 A4 notebook- lined, a sturdy wirebound notebook with perforated pages perfect for crafting a thrilling page turner. Finish with classic Noodler’s Black ($12.50) ink for smooth, easy writing.

For the Editor Extraordinaire:

Lamy Safari, Diamine Poppy Red, Rhodia no. 13 notebook

Make your mark and never miss a mistake again with Diamine Poppy Red ink ($14.95). The bright red hue highlights important notes and makes finding them again a breeze. Swap the Lamy Safari ($29.60) nib to a 1.1 or 1.5mm stub nib option ($13) and you’re ready for some bold strokes of genius anywhere on the go. Use the Rhodia no. 13 notebooks ($3.25) to write longer edits and clip them to your pages.

For the Lefties:

Rhodia no. 18 notepad, Pilot Metropolitan, Noodler's ink

Love your left-handedness and never fear a smudged line again. Who likes to fight with a three ring binder or spiral binding when trying to write notes? The Rhodia no. 18 Notepad ($9) is top bound and hole punched so you can jot down your notes free from hindrances, then organize them as you wish within a binder. The fine nib on the Metropolitan ($15) writes smoothly without putting down a ton of ink and risking a total mess. Coupled with permanent Noodler’s Bernanke Blue or Black ink ($12.50), your notes will be neat and tidy.

Writing with a Lamy 2000 on lined paper

 Be sure to peruse our note-taking and school supplies shopping guide over at GouletPens.Com!

What are your note-taking necessities? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Collin Bond

    Hey all! My favorite combination is the Clairefontaine Classic, a TWSBI Diamond 580 with a 1.1 mm stun nib, and Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Great choice, Collin!

  • Elle Dechene

    Pilot Falcon SEF, MTN as bullet journal with various inserts, De Atramentis Document Ink, all in black (except the inserts!). Can’t express how much I love keeping track of everything with these superb tools. All from Goulet Pens, natch.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      That sounds like a fun system, Elle. The Traveler’s notebooks are so versatile. What color is yours?

  • Tom Johnson

    Most notes I write in my Midori (Now TN) passport notebook, using one of several pens: Vanishing Point, Lamy 2000 EF, Edison Beaumont EF, or Metropolitan Fine. Inks are El Lawrence, Heart of Darkness, Liberty’s Elysium, or Noodler’s Fox. Being retired, I’m not taking notes for class or meetings anymore, but if I did I would have more notebooks and have wonderful pens to use from my collection. Usually I use Clairefontaine spiral bound notebooks or my Rhodia dot pad notebooks when I need more than my pocket notebook. This is a great collection and I can vouch for all the pens shown here, wonderful pens, and pens that I use often.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Thanks for the valuable feedback, Tom! It’s great to hear what works for people!

  • bfg

    Thanks for not forgetting us lefties.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      As a lefty myself, I was adamant that we needed our own suggestions and recommendations 😉

  • Joe Stout

    I’m still using an old TOPS journal I picked up from Amazon for my notes- waste not, want not! I did buy a Rhodia dotpad and I absolutely love it, so I may look at a smaller Rhodia notebook for my next note-taking book.

  • Dick Davies

    For notetaking on rhe go, I use a pocket size Fabriano Ecoqua dot grid in a leather cover. I can clip two fountain pens to the first page, inside the cover, and put the whole thing in my front pants pocket. Sitting, I take notes sideways in the book on my lap. Have room for some cards and 3×5 cards.

  • Christine Slocum

    I *have* found the Pilot Metropolitan to be very lefty-friendly. Would love to see more lefty-specific recommendations in the future 🙂

  • Connie Liew