Greetings, fountain pen friends! Lydia here to bring you my latest Monday Matchup, a TWSBI Eco Broad and Diamine Eclipse. I’m particularly proud of this week’s piece because of how beautifully the ink and pen brought the drawing to life. Read on to hear about my pleasant experiences with this great matchup!

For my artwork, I drew inspiration from my ever-increasing desire to bring another dog into my life. I have always been a dog person and seeing a dog never ceases to put a smile on my face. I have an especially large soft spot for Siberian Huskies. The dark hue of Eclipse and how it contrasted against the stark white paper reminded me of the gorgeous raven and snow white fur one could see on a husky.

I found the quote and a silhouette of a husky that I liked and set to work. I inked up the pen and traced the outline of the husky. The ink was really wet so I had to be careful not to smudge as I traced. As such, I made the decision to freehand the quote later when I was ready to add it because I didn’t want to smudge it as I was trying to erase pencil. I filled in the husky shape with the pen and then took a brush pen full of water to it to blur the lines a bit and give the drawing less of a sketch look. Then I added the colors in the corners by dipping the brush pen in the cap of the ink. I let the piece dry over the weekend and came back and wrote the quote in on Monday morning. I loved all the subtle sheen in the ink that showed up after my sketch had dried. I stole quite a few moments throughout my Monday just to see the light catching off the sheen giving my drawing a fun little glitzy glam to it.

I have been on a dark ink kick lately. I saw Eclipse and thought it looked like a good everyday writing ink so I wanted to play around with it to test its capabilities. I was surprised how blue it was! I was expecting more of a eggplant purple color. It is a very wet ink, which proved to be a challenge for me as a lefty. However, this wetness also made using the pen for my drawing a dream. It flowed like butter, so smooth and easy.

The pen was great. I don’t personally own a TWSBI yet, but every time I use one, I am tempted even more to pick one up. It writes very smoothly and makes writing a joy. I love broad nibs personally for the thick, juicy line they put down. I am a very bold person so I like when my writing reflects that. The pen is not too heavy and very comfortable to hold. I could see it being great for any long writing session, note taking, or just jotting down the grocery list. I think this ink would be especially fun for note taking or the office because it is dark and reserved but has that hint of fun being that it’s blue. It is a very wet ink and performs well in an ink wash, so I could see it being great for sketching and art as well. If I were to do this piece again, I don’t think I would change a thing. I loved how it came out and I’m really happy and surprised with this unexpectedly awesome ink.

You can get the TWSBI Eco at in EF through 1.1 Stub for $28.99. Diamine Eclipse is available in an 80ml bottle for $14.95, a 30ml bottle for $7.50, or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.
What is your favorite simple joy, like watching a dog be a dog?
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