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The Nemosine brand has been around for several years selling fountain pens direct. They started to expand this year and we saw ourselves as being a good partner to bring these affordable pens into the hands of a lot of you who would find Nemosine a great value!

The Singularity is a great pen for newer fountain pen users or anyone looking for a light workhorse pen with an array of color and nib choices. This will be a great pen if you want to keep multiple pens loaded with matching ink, or gift to someone new to fountain pens.

There are 18 different colors of the Singularity at the moment.

In hand, there’s a slight contour on the grip, about medium in length, and all of them are black, no matter which color the pen is. The threads are somewhat close to the grip, so you’ll probably be touching them but it’s not a huge deal. The step is subtle, pretty much flush with the threads. It’s also very light in the hand as it weighs only 17g which is the same as the Lamy Safari. Because the pen is so light, balance isn’t a major factor.

The Singularity uses a stainless steel #6 size nib. It’ll flow a bit on the dry side. I find the tines are pinched in a bit, so you can open them up if you want to get a wetter flow (just be careful to not overdo it!). There is also a bit of toothiness on some of the nibs, especially the finer ones. They could benefit from a brass sheet flossing as well, but overall they’re pretty smooth especially considering the quality control might be sacrificed a bit on a $20 pen.

There’s a 3 year guarantee on the performance of the pens. Spare nibs are available separately for $10. Swapping the nib is pretty straightforward but can take some practice if you’ve never done it before. It’s friction fit inside the pen and has to fit a certain way due to a cutout for the nib/feed inside the grip of the pen.

There is a wide range of nib sizes available (either on the pen or as spare nibs) including: Extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm stub. Those stub nibs are unique to this brand and are very rounded, very stubby, so not the crispest line variation. But no other brand that I know of offers a stub nib this fine, especially at this price.

Another unique thing that Nemosine offers are the ‘Re-Entry’ nibs. These nibs are hand-torched, twice, for a really cool flame-kissed visual effect. Each nib is individually done by hand, taking part in a process that includes a detailed cleaning with acetone, applying a lubriant to make th steel more reactive to heat treatment, followed by the very careful torching. Finally, the nibs are coated with a sealant to minmize fading (which could occur over time). These will also fit most other fountain pens that accept a #6 size nib.

The cap is threaded and takes about 1 ¼ turn, so you can undo it in one twist. It’s worth mentioning that I’ve had a couple instances where the body has unscrewed instead of the cap. A quick tightening of the grip on the body fixed that right up. It does post securely by pushing it on the back. The clip is very functional, certainly strong enough to hold this light pen and fits over thick clothing too.

As far as the filling mechanism goes, the Singularity comes with a Nemosine standard international converter for bottled ink, several standard international short ink cartridges (the long cartridges will not fit). The converter is slightly shorter than the typical standard international, so you’ll need to either use the Nemosine converter or the Monteverde Clear converter. On the plus side, the Nemosine converter is only $3. You can also convert it to an eyedropper.

I think this could be a great pen for you if you want an inexpensive pen with a lot of different color and nib options. It’s great for expanding your own collection or introducing others you know to the fountain pen world.

The MSRP on the Singularity is $25-$30, but you can find them at Goulet Pens for $20 -$25 depending on the color you choose. We’d love to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet