Changes to Monday Matchup:

It’s hard to believe Monday Matchup has been happening for over two years now! It’s been an incredibly fun way to pair fountain pens and ink together in limitless combinations. One of the things we’ve loved most about Monday Matchup has been getting to talk with our followers and fans about what they’re matching that week. That was the original intention and heart behind Monday Matchup from the beginning, and giving away the pen and ink that were used, naturally followed.

Up until now, the Monday Matchup Giveaway has only been held on Instagram. After years of holding this weekly giveaway, the participation has grown so much that we were often receiving hundreds of entries each week! The participation has been amazing, but as it’s grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to streamline the process for the giveaway each week in order to make sure we gather all entries and make it as fair as possible when selecting a random winner.

After a lot of thought, our team decided to open up the contest in order for people to be able to enter on our other social channels using a tool called Rafflecopter.  We want to be totally up front with everyone – we could have been much more clear about the change that was coming, especially to our followers on Instagram, and we’re sorry for that. It was never our intention to pull a fast one over on anyone, and we’re hoping this blog post clears up any confusion. If you still have questions, definitely reach out to us.

Rafflecopter helps act as a central hub for all of the entries, and quickly chooses a random winner. Logistically, this allows us to better coordinate this weekly giveaway, being sure that all entries are fairly included. It also allows you to use different social media channels to share your pen and ink matchups. Our hope is that the community aspect of Monday Matchup continues and even grows other places like Twitter and Facebook. (The Instagram hashtag is still active – you can click on #MondayMatchupGiveaway to see what others are matching that week!)


How to enter Monday Matchup Giveaway:

  • Match a pen and ink together. They don’t have to match in color, any fountain pen and ink works.
  • Take a picture of your pen and ink.
  • Read the Monday Matchup blog post to find the entry details and instructions on how to share your picture with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or as a blog comment* on the Monday Matchup post. You can choose to enter only one way, or submit 4 different entries if you’d like. Feel free to use the same picture for all 4 entries.
  • Confirm your entry via the Rafflecopter widget in the blog which will record your entries. This is how we’ll draw a random winner. Since it’s totally random, you’re eligible to win each week.
  • The contest will be open from 12 noon EDT on Monday to 12 Noon EDT on Tuesday, and once it closes, we’ll then reach out to the winner via the email provided to us through Rafflecopter. 
  • In the event our office is closed on a particular Monday, we’ll be sure to let you know that the contest won’t be happening that week.  
  • *Due to changes in the Disqus platform, you will need to register for a Disqus account to be bale to post your photo entry in the blog comments.

If you’d like to know more about Rafflecopter’s privacy policy, you can find it here. Your email won’t be shared or sold, and will only be used should you win the contest that particular week.

Thank you for faithfully participating in Monday Matchup by reading the blog each week, showing us what pen and ink you are using, and entering the contest. There is a strong community of fountain pen enthusiasts participating in Monday Matchup each week, and we are thankful to be a part of it.

If anything is unclear, shoot us an email at or feel free to leave us a blog comment. We want to help make things as clear as can be!

Write on, 

The Goulet Pen Company