We have another awesome ‘Goulet Guests’ to share with you today as Brian was able to Skype with Linda Shrewsbury, founder of CursiveLogic, an intuitive cursive handwriting teaching system. Linda has turned a desire to help one student learn to sign his name into a system that’s helping thousands of people learn cursive in a practical, fun, and motivational way. She’s looking to turn this passion into a way to carry on cursive handwriting in an increasingly time-starved world.

In this episode, Brian & Linda talk about how she developed the method, how quickly one could pick up cursive by using it, and how Kickstarter helped get this project off the ground. Here’s an overview of the questions they talked about:

  • For someone who doesn’t know what CursiveLogic is, can you briefly explain what the system is all about?
  • How did you get involved in developing this sort of teaching method?
  • What was your process in discovering this method? It’s been around a long time, but this is a revolutionary spin on it.
  • How quickly could someone learn the method using the workbook?
  • Is this designed for teachers to use in the classroom? Or could it be used by anyone wanting to learn/relearn cursive?
  • Is it faster to relearn as an adult than it is for a kid just starting out with cursive?
  • How often do you recommend practicing with the CursiveLogic workbook?
  • What would you consider the ideal age to introduce cursive in this way?
  • Coming from your teaching background, what’s your take on having cursive writing in the required curriculum?
  • Could you explain the importance of posture when it comes to handwriting?
  • How important was Kickstarter for you and how did you decide to use that as your platform?
  • What does the future have in store for CursiveLogic?

Be sure to check out the CursiveLogic website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube! You can also find past Goulet Guest interviews here.

Let us know what you thought of the interview in the comments below! How do you feel about this innovative method to learning cursive?

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