Happy Monday fountain pen friends! Margaret here with my newest pen and ink matchup for you. I had the chance to ink up a Lamy Studio in Stainless Steel with a Medium Nib with J.Herbin’s latest 1670 anniversary ink, J.Herbin Caroube de Chypre. I knew I liked both of these products separately, but wasn’t sure how they would write when paired together. To a bit of my surprise, it was a very pleasant matchup!
This ink color instantly reminded me of coffee, so I knew I wanted to draw something inspired by a cup of joe. I spent a few minutes on Pinterest to gather my ideas and decided it would be fun to draw a few different types of mugs. One of my favorite things about Saturday mornings is that I can have my coffee in a real mug instead of making it in a travel mug to drink on the way to the office!
From experience, I knew this ink had gold shimmer and great sheen, so I decided to use Tomoe River paper to help bring the shimmer and sheen out of the ink. Inks with shimmer perform best when used in a broad or flex nib, so I wasn’t sure how the medium nib would do.
Lydia, one of our Community Coordinators here, helped me find the quote and I started with that first. I tried to make my handwriting a little more whimsical and dramatic by adding the loops on certain letters. I then moved on to the different coffee cups, and tried to represent a few different shapes and designs. I used both the Studio and a q-tip to fill in the coffee. I was actually pretty impressed with the amount of sheen and shimmer I could see when using the Lamy medium nib. The q-tip obviously laid down much more ink to let me see more of the shimmer, which I liked.
I love Lamy nibs, and writing with the medium nib on this Studio was no exception. It had great flow and was buttery smooth. I found the look of this pen strikingly beautiful and professional as well. The rubber grip section took me a little getting used to, but overall I could see myself using this pen on a regular basis. The Studio is able to take the Lamy replacement nibs that we sell at GouletPens.com, making this pen an even more versatile option!
If you’re a fan of brown inks, or are looking to try something new, I would definitely recommend Caroube de Chypre to you. (You can check out Madigan’s in-depth ink review of Caroube de Chypre here). Even with shimmer in the ink, it flowed well and had a relatively quick dry time. Inks with shimmer do require you to keep up with regularly cleaning your pen, so that’s something to keep in mind.  The look of my handwriting didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but overall, I enjoyed pairing these two together, and wouldn’t change much about this matchup.
The Lamy Studio in Stainless Steel is available with an extra-fine, fine, or medium nib at GouletPens.com for $71.20. J.Herbin Caroube de Chypre is available in a 50ml bottle for $26. You can also try it with a 2ml sample for $1.85.
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