‘Tis the season… when the gift giving scramble begins! If you are looking for some gift giving inspiration that won’t break the bank, why not try a fountain pen, notebook, ink, or a package set with all of the above? The gift of a fine writing instrument item is distinctive because it is thoughtful, useful, and full of personality. By choosing items that will fit into their daily life, they’ll be reminded of you throughout the year to come. We’ve put together a list of 14 stellar items that will transform their workplace, home, or school writing assignments from a chore into a joy.

1. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook, $19.50

Offered in both dot grid and lined ruling (blank and graph available in Black only), Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebooks have taken the world by storm! The A5 size means they are perfectly portable, sliding easily into a purse or backpack. For the fountain pen enthusiast, they feature outstanding paper quality that holds up well to fountain pen ink. Each notebook contains a table of contents, 2 bookmarks, and numbered pages, letting you choose the way you want to organize your thoughts. Offered in a number of gorgeous colors, each notebook is held closed by an elastic band. Great for bullet journalers!

2. Nemosine Singularity, $19.99

With nib sizes ranging from Extra-fine to .6mm italic, the Nemosine Singularity is fantastic pen choice for those just getting into the hobby. The converter is included, so you can get your fill of your favorite fountain pen ink! Offered in a thrilling array of colors, each pen is a joy to write with and hold.

3. Platinum Preppy Package Set, $25.88

Point them in the “write” direction with the a set of seven Platinum Preppy fountain pens. These are some of our most popular pens for newbies because of their great writing ability and fantastic price point. This set gives you one of each color, each with a medium nib. Split the set up for sharing amongst your 7 besties, or get that “Wow!” you are looking for by giving them the entire set!

4. J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink, $26

Want to add a little sparkle to their every day writing experience? Give them a gift that will shine all year long! Each bottle of J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary ink shimmers with gold glitter. Offered in five fantastic varieties, each as stunning as the next. Emerald of Chivor, Stormy Grey, and Caroube de Chypre are particular favorites.

5. Fountain Pen First-Timer Package Set, $26.90

Want the perfect set to introduce your loved one to fountain pens? The Fountain Pen First-Timer package set pairs a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, a Rhodia No. 16 Dotpad, and a Random Ink Sample Package. They’ll be off and enjoying the feel of enhanced writing in no time!

6. TWSBI Eco, $28.99

Offered in four great color options, each TWSBI Eco fountain pen features a clear barrel for watching your ink swish and swirl. Featuring smooth-writing nibs in four great nib sizes, these pens are known to be popular for consummate fountain pen enthusiast and newbies alike!

7. Pilot Iroshizuku Mini Boxed Set, $32

Have an ink lover in your life? Give them this triad of fantastic ink! Each Pilot Iroshizuku Mini Boxed Set holds three bottles of 15ml ink, perfectly packaged for gift giving. The spring, summer, and fall sets feature some of the Pilot Iroshizuku favorites, like Kon-peki and Yama-budo, sure to bring a smile to their face.

8. Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set, $32

Pilot Parallel fountain pens offer a crash course into the
calligrapher’s experience. These pens are great for beginners because
you can start practicing calligraphy without the mess of dip pens.
Available in four fantastic nib sizes (1.5mm Italic, 2.4mm Italic, 3.8mm
Italic, and 6mm Italic), you can create
flourishes and fancy scripts with just a little practice. You’ll get all four pens, complete with 2 cartridges, a cleaning converter for each, and a package of Pilot Parallel Mixable Colour Assorted Pack cartridges.

9. Bullet Journal Starter Set, $36

Is your bestie in need of a little more organization? Bring them into the world of bullet journaling! Our Bullet Journal Starter Set pairs a Pilot Metropolitan of your choice, with a Leuchtturm A5 Dot Grid Notebook, and a pack of Pilot cartridges. As an extra bonus, we’ll add in a free ink sample to get them started in the fun world of fountain pens!

10. Pilot Kakuno Package Set, $36

Great for stocking stuffers! Each Pilot Kakuno Package Set includes 3 Pilot Kakuno fountain pens, one in each color in nib sizes Fine or Medium. These pens are lightweight, with surprisingly smooth nibs. Each pen features an adorable nib, either winking or smiling depending on the nib size. Don’t want all three? Purchase them individually for $13.50.

11. Lamy Al-Star, $37.60

The Lamy Al-Star is a gorgeous pen, known for its swappable nibs and distinctive grip section. A great starter pen, it is offered in a number of fabulous colors from the minty BlueGreen Al-Star shown above to the pitch black with a matching black nib on the Black Al-Star. They’ll love the ergonomic and modern design!

12. Flexy Package Set, $37.95

Let them write through thick and thin with the Flexy Package Set! With a Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen, a Goulet Notebook of your choice, and 8 of our top shading inks, this combo gives them the ability to write or draw line variation and enjoy intense ink shading. Great for writers and artists!

13. Lamy Gift Sets, $39.99

Beautifully packaged and full of everything a new writer might need, Lamy Gift Sets are a great place to start your holiday shopping! With two varieties, a Lamy Safari or Vista with a bottle of ink or a Lamy Al-Star with variety of Lamy cartridges. More color options to come in the next few weeks!

14. Lamy Logo, $40

Want to treat your loved one to something fancy? Each beautiful Lamy Logo features the smooth-writing nib Lamys are known for. Thin and beautiful, they are offered in several varieties including the special edition Twilight and Pearl featured above. Classy and sophisticated, these pens add elegance to everyday writing.

Which of these fantastic gifts would you like to receive? Leave a comment and let us know!

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team