Video outline & time stamps:
(:12) – Design
(:44) – Materials
(:54) – Features
(1:35) – Weight/Balance
(2:03) – Nib Features
(2:23) – How It Writes
(2:41) – Nib Options
(2:49) – Additional Features
(3:27) – Filling Mechanism/Ink Capacity
(3:56) – Price

We’re so pleased to introduce the new Conklin Nighthawk is inspired by the Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Nighthawk,
an exclusive design of ours back in 2013. We’ve taken elements of the
design and incorporated it into a whole new pen, and we’re very excited
to share it with you here today.

The design is somewhat based off the Conklin Duragraph,
almost like a melding of the Duragraph and MV Nighthawk. It’s designed
to be a daily writer, a reliable carry around pen that is as nice to
feel as it is to look at.

The finish is matte carbon fiber, with blacked out trim and a very minimalist logo. We wanted it to be sleek, sharp looking, and light. The pens are individually numbered very subtly on the back end. It’s a tighter weave with a different pattern than the original Nighthawk. It’s also completely made in Italy.The grip is slightly tapered to the nib, with a slight flare at the end. It’s shiny, but you can get a good hold on it, it’s not slick metal but rather made of resin. The step is very gradual, about level with the threads. The threads are subtle, and far enough from the nib that it shouldn’t get in the way for most folks, maybe a thumb resting on it if you hold it back a bit like I do.

It’s only 24g weight, very light for a pen this size, close to a Lamy Al-Star (MV Nighthawk was 44g!). It has more resin components instead of metal, which cut down drastically on the weight
Overall, it feels very well balanced. It’s back weighted slightly when posted as you’d expect, but not too bad because the cap itself is so light.

It comes with a stainless steel Goulet #6 nib made by Jowo in Germany, tested by us first then fit by Conklin. Flow will be consistent and slightly wet. Nibs are smooth with the tiniest touch of feedback, just like you know from using our nibs. It will make an excellent daily writer for however you use your pen. It’s available in:

It has a threaded cap that takes only one full rotation to uncap. That makes it easy to uncap in a single twist with both hands.  It posts securely, and doesn’t try to wobble off the back. Conklin’s signature rocker clip that’s a tad tight, but you can pinch the top to assist in opening it up. It has minimal logos, with only the Conklin name on the clip.

The filling mechanism is a Standard International cartridge/converter. It also takes short and long SI cartridges. The ink capacity is:
  • 1.04ml with the converter
  • 1.06ml with SI short cartridge
  • 1.69ml with SI long cartridge

Unfortunately it is not eyedropper convertible.

The Conklin Nighthawk is available only at for a very reasonable price of $99. This could be a great pen for you if you want something sleek and stealthy that’s a reliable daily writer.

For more details and up-to-date specs on the Conklin Nighthawk be sure to check it out on

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Write On,

Brian Goulet