Happy Monday, Fountain Pen Friends! Lydia here, bringing you, by far, my favorite Monday Matchup I’ve EVER done! Read on to hear about my experiences with the delightful Monteverde Scotch Brown ink and deliciously decadent Edison Collier Burnished Gold.

First, let me just start by saying that I fell madly in love with this pen the moment I touched it to paper. I’ve been ogling at this pen since the day we first promoted it and was excited to use it for my Monday Matchup. But I could never have imagined how awesome it was going to be. It writes quite smoothly and it feels great in my hand. This ink was a great pairing for it as well. The color coordinated nicely and it has a very nice flow, not too juicy but not too dry either. It’s a very Goldilocks of an ink, it’s just right. I am not usually a fan of brown inks but Scotch Brown is very nice and has a lovely range of colors. Because of the name, I decided I definitely wanted to play into the scotch/whiskey/bourbon theme. I really loved the imagery of this James Joyce quote and it gave me a very great visual to draw as well.

To begin, I grabbed a Tomoe River tablet and did a mock up of my decanter and drinking glass in pencil. Once I got it the way I envisioned it, I traced those shapes onto another sheet with the pen and ink very carefully. Then I took a brush pen and filled it with water and dipped the tip in the cap of the ink. I brushed it out on a paper towel until I got the right shade I was looking for, then filled in the decanter, glass, and pouring whiskey. Then, I took the pen and wrote the quote in freehand.  It was probably the easiest, fastest, and most satisfying Monday Matchup I’ve ever done. This pen makes everything feel like a fun adventure. This pen and ink would be great for any task, journaling, meeting or class notes, doodling and sketching, or even writing out the average grocery list. I can’t praise this matchup enough. I think everyone needs an Edison pen in their life.

You can find the Edison Collier Burnished Gold at GouletPens.com for $149. Monteverde Scotch Brown is available in a 2ml ink sample for $1.25 or a 90ml bottle for $15.
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