They see no problem in blowing their budget on the hottest new gadget. Their heroes are Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Perhaps their preferred method of communication hasn’t been invented yet. If this fits the personality of someone you are struggling to find the perfect gift for, we’ve got you covered!

It might be seem counterintuitive, but tech enthusiasts have an affinity for fountain pens. Their precision, delight in all things mechanical, and propensity to be a tad exacting lends itself to delight in these old school writing instruments. If they haven’t discovered them yet, you’ll be surprised by how quickly they take to the hobby. Like a duck to water. Or a coder to energy drinks.

For them, details matter. From the amount of memory and the size of the hard drive, to speed of the processor, and power of their graphics cards, they know that particular components have their advantages. With that in mind, when looking for their perfect fountain pen, evaluate the weight and balance, the grip section, and smoothness of the nib. We’ve put together a selection of fountain pens, ink, and paper that will surprise and delight the most determined technophile.

Visconti Rembrandt

The entry level pen for Visconti, the Rembrandt is made in Italy with acute attention to detail and the beauty that goes along with it. Equipped with a smooth-writing steel nib, they are classically understated with an undeniable appeal. They are basic without being boring, classy without being ostentatious, and come with a warranty to boot! If your beloved technophile is into luxury brands, this could be the perfect place to start.

Pilot Vanishing Point Black Matte

The clickable nib on the Pilot Vanishing Point will get you writing faster than the speed of a processor! Ok, that might be stretching it a little, but fast ideas require fast writing instruments. The exquisite engineering and smoothness of the 18kt gold nib will transform your screen-loving friend into an analog enthusiast in no time.

TWSBI Diamond 580

The engineer in your life will appreciate the inner workings of the TWSBI Diamond 580. A clear demonstrator, you can see the piston mechanism at work when filling your fountain pen. Each pen comes with a wrench and instructions on how to take it apart for easier cleaning. It’s the tinkerer’s dream pen!

LAMY LX Palladium

Released just this year, the LAMY LX Palladium is named for the precious metal. With a grip section designed for comfort and a smooth-writing black nib, this is a pen that was created for the serious writer in mind.


The thin cylindrical body of the LAMY CP1 is ideal for the understated. It comes with a sprung, axle mounted clip made of solid stainless steel, for easy clipping to your pocket or notebook. It is fitted with the German-made and swappable LAMY nib which is known throughout the fountain pen community for its smooth writing experience.

Pilot Kakuno

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat the Pilot Kakuno fountain pen. These pens are lightweight and seem to float along in your hand while the nib glides across the page. The grip section has a subtle triangle to it, making them incredibly comfortable in hand and easy to control. The nib also smiles cheekily up at you as you write!

Maruman Mnemosyne Notebooks

Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for planning out complex projects or taking simple notes. Because they all feature a spiral binding, they fold back flat for easy back page writing. The paper in all the notebooks is extremely fountain pen friendly and comes in a variety of rulings, including graph.

Rhodia Webnotebook

Offered in both A5 and pocket sizes, Rhodia Webnotebooks come with some of the best paper around. The A5 size comes in lined, dot grid, and graph, giving your techy a few choices. With 90g Clairefontaine paper, a bookmark, and an elastic band closure, these cult notebooks are sure to please the pickiest writer.

Traveler’s Notebook Black

What do Mark Twain, George Lucas, and Charles Darwin all have in common? They all carried pocket notebooks! If you are full of big ideas, try a Traveler’s Notebook. It pairs a durable leather cover with removable notebooks, great for on-the-go writing. Whether on the trail, in the grocery store, or at the airport, give them a space to write down those spur of the moment great ideas.

Noodler’s Black

Noodler’s Black is our best-selling ink, and with good reason! Well behaved and waterproof, it’s a no nonsense type of ink that will work well in a plethora of fountain pens. Offered in several sizes, this might be the only ink you’ll ever need.

Noodler’s Heart of Darkness

If you don’t have a say in the quality of paper you are using, Noodler’s Heart of Darkness is a great ink option. It is a true black with no shading whatsoever.

Random Ink Sample Set

Overwhelmed by ink choices? Let us do the choosing for you! Our Random Ink Sample Set has eight different ink samples, picked at random by our trusty fulfillment team. Who knows? You could discover a new favorite ink.

Waterproof Black Ink Sample Set

Let them fill their fountain pens with a collection of our most popular waterproof black inks! If black ink is all they need, this ink sample package will let them explore their options before committing to a whole bottle.

Whatever their technology of choice, an expertly engineered fountain pen will make a wonderful and helpful accessory. Do you love tech gadgets and fountain pens? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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