Hey fountain pen friends! Madigan, here, bringing you my newest Monday Matchup. This week I paired a Karas Kustoms Ink fountain pen in Grey Aluminum with a broad nib and Diamine Moon Dust ink. I was excited to try this pen out because I haven’t spent much time with a Karas Kustoms. The ink is part of the new additions to the Diamine Shimmertastic line, and I couldn’t wait to try it, either! Bonus- they match pretty much perfectly.

I got the inspiration for this piece from the name of the ink. Moon Dust sounds kind of magical- and what is more magical than the stars shining brightly out of a cold winter night sky? I really wanted to show the movement of the ink as well as show off the sparkle, so I decided to work with making the white space really stand out.

To get started, I took a pencil and sketched out where I wanted the treeline, moon and stars to be. It was a loose sketch, because I really wanted to play around with the ink. I took a brush pen filled with water and dipped it into the cap of the pen and started filling in the lightest areas around the moon, leave the center blank. Once that was finished, I took a syringe and filled it with ink from the bottle. I gently pushed out a large ink splatter and used the brush pen to move that around the page, leaving space for the stars. I took the paper and moved it back and forth to allow the ink to spread with the weight of gravity. After the ink was dry, I went in with the pen and wrote the quote. I then added in the tree line, trying to make it as dark as possible.

I was really surprised by this ink. It was much darker than I expected- a true grey. Since I was using a broad nib with the Karas Kustoms Ink, it had a generous flow and you could really see the sparkle. The sparkle in this ink isn’t as overwhelming as some other in the shimmering variety, in fact, it was wonderfully subtle when writing with it. I really enjoyed this pen and ink and how it looked together.

I think this pen and ink combination could be good in a number of scenarios. It’s easy on the eyes and the generous flow makes it easy to write quickly. The ink dries surprisingly fast and is fairly feather-resistant, so I can see it being a great option for note-taking, journal writing, or even work.

You can find the Karas Kustoms Ink in Grey Aluminum at Gouletpens.com for $100. Diamine Moon Dust is available in a 50ml bottle for $20 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

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