Each of the 12 astrological signs has a very distinct personality and sense of style. Why shouldn’t that carry over to your fountain pens? Our media team decided to have a little fun and imagine which pens we felt best represented each of the signs. While we’re not astrology experts and this was entirely light-hearted, a few of us could definitely picture ourselves using the pens associated with our sign. What do you think? Have a look and let us know!

January 21-February 19

The friendly, loyal, and intellectual Aquarius is everyone’s best friend with an infectious personality you can’t resist. They are described as humanitarian, honest, inventive, and a good listener.  The perfect pen for this water bearer sign, who hates being dull and loves intellectual conversation, is the Lamy Al-Star in Bluegreen. This hardworking, reliable pen features a calming color and a long standing reputation for quality writing. The Aquarius is likely to use it to pen some letters to friends in far off locales in a successful attempt to keep the friendship alive despite the miles.

February 20-March 20

The gentle, compassionate soul of a Pisces is a treasure. These independent spirits are artistic and wise with a natural talent for music and visual media. Their ideal pen has to be something as easy going as they are. The Kaweco Skyline Sport in Mint seems to be the perfect mixture of easygoing, effortless peacefulness that the Pisces exudes. This simple pen features a comfortable, compact design that this water sign would love for some solo sketching time while listening to their favorite tunes.

March 21- April 20

The energetic, natural-born leader Aries is courageous, optimistic, and always ready for adventure. They need a pen that will keep them on the edge of their seat for writing for all situations and a look that matches their fire for life. The Noodler’s Ahab Cardinal Darkness fits the bill. This flex pen features a red and black swirled resin body to intrigue the daredevil Aries’ mind and a flexible nib for thick or thin writing to always keep things interesting, much like the adventure stories Aries might use it to record.

April 21- May 21

Despite the stubborn and angry connotations associated with the bull, Taurus are quite possibly the best friends a person could have. Patient, reliable, loving, and warmhearted, Taurus is the heart and soul of any family or friend group. When choosing a pen, probably to be used for writing out recipes or shopping lists so they can cook for their loved ones, the Taurus needs a pen that will write reliably for a long time coming. The Conklin Duragraph in Forest Green is the pen for them! The warm green tones on the pen embody the earthy roots of a Taurus with the classic color scheme that delights their love of continuity. The long reputation of satisfied Duragraph users doesn’t hurt either!

May 22- June 21

Born in the dawn of the summer season, the Gemini is a youthful lively person with a versatile, witty personality. These social butterflies love to have a chat or enjoy their music and can tailor themselves to be a part of any situation, possessing the eloquence and intelligence to talk to just about anyone. The perfect pen for this dynamic person has to have character and the stamina to keep up with their ever-changing flow of life. The Nemosine Singularity (no longer available) is a match made in heaven for the Gemini. This vibrant green pen lights up the room like a Gemini’s smile and will record the fascinating facts they are constantly learning.

June 22- July 22

The feisty Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are often described as emotional and loving, as well as imaginatively persuasive, and cautious. They thrive on close connections and supporting those dearest to them, as well as expressing their creative side. These highly imaginative souls require a pen that they can rely on, like the Faber-Castell Loom (no longer available). A sturdy metal pen with great performance, the Loom is sure to be the Cancer’s new closest companion for all their creative endeavors.

July 23- August 21

The naturally bright and bubbly Leo exudes their warmhearted disposition everywhere they go. Characterized by their generous, creative, enthusiastic demeanor, Leos love having fun or enjoying a meal with friends and showcasing their talents on the stage. They definitely never go unnoticed. The Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl is the epitome of a fountain pen persona for a Leo. The unrivaled beauty of the swirled orange body and superior writing experience makes this pen an instant attention grabber. The Leo will find any excuse possible to bring out their Collier and write, possibly even sneaking it into one of their performances.

August 22- September 23

The modest Virgo doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd, but they are always watching and studying the world around them. Some of their keywords include meticulous, practical, intelligent, hardworking, and analytical. These strong, silent types enjoy nature, books, and cleanliness. The clean, tough construction of the Karas Kustoms Fountain K Copper (no longer available) is right up their alley. This simple but durable pen can keep up with the late hours Virgo keeps, working hard on their next project. They can throw this pen in a pack and go out to their favorite quiet spot in nature and write in peace.

September 24- October 23

For the easygoing and charming Libra, life is all about finding harmony and balance in everything. They are diplomatic, romantic, and sociable. Their ideal pen must be perfectly balanced with a special conversation-inducing flair. Look no further than the Pelikan M205 Aquamarine (No longer available, check out the other Pelikan M200 pens here). This lovely aqua blue demonstrator is definitely a conversation piece with its classic styling and translucent body that allows for prime ink viewing.

October 24- November 22

Resourceful and determine Scorpios live for truth and getting the facts straight. They are a true friend through thick and thin with abundant bravery and a touch of stubbornness. Cue the Kaweco Classic Sport Bordeaux, the hardworking pen perfect for the studious Scorpio. This pocket pen is great for taking notes and studying up on the latest information to stay informed.

November 23- December 22

Sagittarius can be summed up as optimistic, jovial, and honest. These people favor freedom, travel, philosophy, and being outdoors. What pen would light this fire sign’s flame? The Lamy Logo! An intelligent design suits this sign to a T. This pen will become the favored tool for all writing tasks that come Sagittarius’ way.

December 23- January 20

Capricorns are the fun bosses of the group, being characterized as responsible, disciplined good managers with a patient and humorous side. As such they need a pen that commands respect but is also favored and used among the population. The Lamy 2000 Black has a long list of admirers and loyal owners. Its sleek black body also looks professional and boardroom appropriate. The relatively approachable price point makes it a practical choice for the frugal Capricorn.

No matter what you sign, one thing is for sure — there is a pen out there for everyone, and the hunt to find that pen is the most fun of all.

Do you have a pen that you feel represents your personality and spirit?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team