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Last week for Goulet Q&A, we threw the script out the window and answered your questions live as they came in through YouTube, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live! It was our first time doing this, so we hope you enjoyed it.

Here are the questions that were asked:
– Are there any interested black inks that aren’t shimmering? (7:21)
– What pen do you ‘whip out’ to kill it in a business meeting? (8:07)
– Going to first fountain pen show, what tips do you have? Should I get there as soon as the doors open? (10:00)
– What tips/techniques do you have to get back into journaling? Any useful writing prompts? (12:37)
– Using a Pilot Metropolitan now, would a jump to the Pilot Custom 823 be reasonable or go with the Pilot Custom 74? (14:31)
– Do you have any recommendations for fancier pens with great stub nibs? (16:09)
– How do you decide what products you’ll be carrying? (18:22)
– What did the Goulet family get for Christmas? (20:45)
– What fountain pens work well for school? (22:35)
– Are there any problems when writing with the nib upside down to get a finer line? (24:13)
– What is the 2017 Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year? (26:22)
– What’s your favorite fountain pen purchase of 2016? (26:52)
– Speaking of ink, does Brian Goulet have any tattoos? (27:40)
– What is your favorite color of Robert Oster ink? And ink overall? (29:10)
– What are your thoughts on scented inks? (30:46)
– What would be the next step-up for a fountain pen after the Metropolitan and Lamy Al-Star? (32:34)
– Do you have a preference for body material in a fountain pen? Which have the most benefits?(33:39)
– If you could never use a blue ink again, what would you use? (35:15)
– Have you ever lost a much beloved fountain pen? (37:08)
– What would be the best way to get more young people interested in fountain pens? (39:20)
– What is your biggest fountain pen regret? (41:22)
– I know you have a lot of pens, but how many do you use on a daily basis? (44:14)
– What fountain pen do you deem the most ‘Presidential’? (46:04)
– How many people have you converted to the ‘Fountain Pen Army’? (48:05)
– If you could only stay with one ink brand forever, which would you choose? (49:37)
– Is your son already using fountain pens? If not, do you have a really cool first pen for him? (51:00)
– Do you have any favorite fountain pen puns of 2016? (53:06)
– If you could carry Sailor again or Montblanc, which would you choose? (54:14)
– Do you prefer classic pens, modern pens, or post-modern pens? (55:26)
– Where does the biggest demand for fountain pens come from? (56:40)
– What is your ultimate dream fountain pen? (59:09)
– In your opinion, what is the best selling pen & ink for Goulet? (1:00:06)
– Would you ever want to carry a LEGO-themed fountain pen? (1:00:57)


What do you think of this ‘live’ edition of Q&A? Let us know in the comments! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.

Write On,
Brian Goulet