Top 7 Fountain Pen Wins

Top 7 Fountain Pen Wins
Earlier this year we did a very popular post called Top 7 Fountain Pen Mistakes which featured some of the low points of using a fountain pen (and how to avoid them!). Here we sought to turn that on its head and talk about some of the biggest wins you can experience as you start out. These wins may not even be something you know is in store for you, and that’s the best part. As fountain pen users we can all experience these wins which is just icing on the cake from our normal writing experience. Here are 7 of the best Fountain Pen Wins we’ve experienced:

(:39) – Getting A Full Fill
(1:01) – No Pressure
(1:48) – No Smudges After Writing
(2:29) – Finding the Perfect Ink Match for your Pen
(3:00) – Meeting Strangers Who Also Love Fountain Pens
(3:57) – Finding Shading or Sheening In Your Inks
(4:44) – Finding the Perfect Letter

1) Full Fountain Pen Fills

  • Starting out, you first realize you have to actually fill your pens
  • It’s a process to learn it, especially because different pens fill different ways
  • Once you figure out the hang of it though, it’s a great feeling when you top that sucker off and you know you’ll be good to go!

2) Realizing You Don’t Have to Use Pressure

  • Ballpoint and rollerball pen life accustoms you to scribbling to get your pen going and bearing down to get it to work
  • This can actually cause pain in your wrists and hand because of how tightly you grip and bear down
  • Properly functioning fountain pens write with the weight of the pen itself, so all you need to do it guide the pen, and the ink flows on its own
  • It feels smoother, hurts less, and gives you more control for improved handwriting

3) No Smudges After Writing

  • This one is especially for lefties who think they can’t possibly write with a fountain pen without smearing the ink everywhere
  • You actually can! Check out our Fountain Pen 101 for Lefties blog & video
  • It might take a little experimentation with hand positioning, ink, and paper but you may actually be surprised how well it can work
  • The same goes for doing artwork, drawing, and hand lettering, it’s such a good feeling when you realize you have options that don’t smear!

4) Finding the Perfect Ink Color to Match Your Pen

  • One of the best things about fountain pens is the myriad of ink choices!
  • As soon as you realize you can choose your color, you also realize you can fulfill your obsessive compulsions to match everything in your life, and you go on the hunt for the perfect color ink to match your pen
  • Ink color can shift a bit with lighting, paper, and even the pen and nib size, but when it all lines up and you find that perfect match, it feels so good!

5) When You Meet a Stranger and Realize They’re Using a Fountain Pen

  • Let’s face it, we fountain pen people are a unique bunch and we’re kind of used to be that one odd “pen person” in our circle of friends
  • But every now and then, we’ll bump into someone at a restaurant, work meeting, college classroom, or elsewhere in the world and see that they’re using a fountain pen
  • There’s instant connection there, and the line between strangers and friends immediately ceases to exist as we rattle on and on in fountain pen terminology foreign to those outside of our little pen party
  • Almost no one uses fountain pens because they have to, but because they want to
  • It’s this passion that connects us, and making this connection in person is pretty special

6) Seeing Shading or Sheening When You Weren’t Expecting It

  • Shading and sheening are characteristics of liquid fountain pen ink and it varies from ink to ink
  • A lot of times, those new to fountain pens don’t even know what’s happening when they first see it
  • It quickly becomes one of the most unique and interesting aspects of using a fountain pen, and makes trying different inks like a little surprise every time
  • Tip: paper makes a huge difference! the more ink resistant, the more these features will shine

7) Writing the Perfect Letter

  • Oftentimes, starting up using a smooth flowing fountain pen will spark an interest in re-learning cursive after years of neglect
  • It can take some getting used to, but practice reveals that you actually do enjoy it when you don’t have your teacher inspecting your every letter
  • Part of the fun is making it your own, and in the process you can discover certain letters that you simply love to write!
  • This is a simple pleasure but makes little moments of joy possible even if you’re just doodling or writing notes while a long-winded co-worker is droning on about synergy and optimization in your next meeting
That’s good stuff, right? So which win has been the best for you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.
Write On,
The Goulet Pens Team
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  • Tom Johnson

    I have to pick two wins as my favorites: #2 – realizing you don’t have to use pressure. This gives my handwriting so much more control and makes writing so pleasurable. #7 – writing
    the perfect letter. I have modified many of my handwritten letters to suit my taste and make it look more distinctive.

    Other pluses for me include the rich dark or bright color of the ink and all the wonderful pen people I have met (in person and on-line). Also that fountain pens, inks, and paper have become a new hobby and passion. This has become one of my favorite blogs, Thanks so much Brian.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Those are great points, Tom!

  • prairiegl

    I (usually) don’t match the pen to a certain color of ink, but I enjoy the multitude of wonderful colors out there that are available to use! Also, shortly after I started using fountain pens more regularly, we visited a family member that we don’t see often and found out she uses fountain pens also. I now forward blog links to her I think she might enjoy that involve fountain pens or paper.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      What a wonderful passion to share together! That’s so nice!

  • Hummingbird5

    I’ve had to start buying some pens with black, white, or silver bodies because I’ve become so obsessed with matching ink to pen color, I need some “neutral” pens to fill with all the other inks!

  • Uniotter

    I have experienced all of those, except #5. We do have a (tiny) fountain pen club that meets quarterly, but it’s not the same as running into a stranger and bonding over this uncommon passion and knowledge. I’m really looking forward to that one day! 🙂

    One more win: looking forward to any excuse to use the pens. Suddenly making lists, journaling, even doodling is much more fun.

    • Kathy

      I agree 100%. It’s amazing what I find to write when I have a fountain pen in my hand!

  • Rachel Leigh Smith

    #6: I inked up my South American made custom Parker 51 with my Herbin Poissiere de Lune, which I’d been using for years in another pen. First time I wrote with it in the Parker, I discovered shading I didn’t know the ink had! It’s the perfect ink for this pen and I’ll probably never put anything else in it.

    I don’t have to have all of mine matching, but I still like a few to match. Lamy AL-Star in purple is a perfect match with Noodler’s Saguaro Wine, and the Pearl Wampum Nib Creaper is a perfect match, of course, to Noodler’s Purple Wampum. I use my AL-Star far more now that I’ve finally found the perfect ink for it, both in color and how it writes.

    My Dark Lilac Safari will have Dark Lilac ink in it until I run out. Since I bought two bottles, it’ll be awhile!

  • Sara Hagen

    I am currently using a Nemosine Singularity with Nemosine Moon Crater Black ink. It’s writing very wet and burped once so far. Do Nemosine pens write wet or is that a function of the ink?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      The ink is a wet one but the pen could also be part of the problem here. Make sure there are no cracks anywhere that could cause the ink to burp.

      • Sara Hagen

        There is a chip at the edge of the cap. Could this cause the pen to burp?

        • Lydia At Goulet Pens

          That shouldn’t be causing the burping. If you reach out to our customer care team at, they will be able to help you out and determine if the pen is defective. 🙂

        • Lydia At Goulet Pens

          It shouldn’t. A crack in the body would make it burp.

  • Rachel Leigh Smith

    Number 6! I put my J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune in my custom Parker and discovered it has shading in it. No other pen I’ve put it in showed that. Needless to say, this ink and pen combo will never be broken up. It’s perfect.

  • Lisse

    I have to admit meeting a couple of people who are ‘into’ fountain pens (read: obsessed) has been one of my very favorite experiences as a new fpgeek. One of my new ‘pen frens’ as I call them works at a local store that has a nice selection of pens & good inks and hosts a Pen Faire twice a year! (Flax Art, Oakland CA). The other is a person I’ve known casually for quite awhile. One day I realized she had loaned me several nice quality ball points over the years and when I asked her if she had any fountain pens and she said ‘yes’ it was like an instant bond & super exciting! We’ve scheduled a pen dinner to have show and tell and talk about our pen collections. It’s such an esoteric hobby it awfully nice to talk to a fellow fountain pen user! If people aren’t into pens they have no idea what the big deal is!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      How great that you can bond over that! I love that the FP community is so welcoming and excited like that.

  • Mark S

    I recently attended a business conference to discover a coworker using a Pilot Metropolitan. I showed her a few of the pens I brought. During our chat mentioned she purchased hers from…. The Goulet Pen Company.

  • CorinneLitchfield

    Getting friends to try fountain pens, or to revisit them. I’ve since converted 2 people, a third was given one as a gift, and my friend’s daughter has expressed interest. When folks discover you don’t have to spend lots of money for a great quality, reliable fountain pen, and that the ink options are beyond measure, they become more open to trying them out. #anothersatisfiedcustomer

  • Sara Hagen

    I’ve matched the ink to my 3776 Nice Lilas. It’s my favorite pen. The ink is Irozhusuko Tsutsiji (I think I got the spelling right).