Hey there, fountain pen friends! Jenni here, bringing you my latest Monday Matchup, the Kaweco Liliput Fireblue Fine and Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red cartridges. I really love the size of the Liliput and wanted to see if it would be a good fit for the size of my hands because I have smaller hands. Read on to hear more about my experiences with this pen and ink:

Since this Monday Matchup is appearing on the eve of Valentine’s Day, I drew inspiration from that. I wanted to showcase something about love that wasn’t about relationships. Food is a subject pretty near and dear to my heart and it is probably the only thing I love just as much (if not secretly more) than people. I wanted to do something silly, fun, and lighthearted. I also wanted this to look like a kid drew it and had fun. The lines are sloppy and quick and very sketchbook like.

When I know I’m going to shoot a video of my drawing, I always want to make a template or composition so that I know where all of my elements are instead of doing it on the spot ( I am horrible at on-the-spot drawing, it’s too much pressure! I always plan ahead to feel a little more in control.) I started by drawing out the food characters in pencil on a separate piece of paper. I decided I wanted the theme of hearts throughout so I made each food character holding a heart balloon, then added the words and keys. I set up for the video and got to work. I started at the top and worked down the page. I used short, quick strokes for my letters to make them look child-like. I outlined everything and went back over the parts I found too light. I wanted there to be good contrast between the letters and the white of the page. Then I grabbed a Konrad brush pen and filled it with water. I had to improvise getting the ink onto the brush pen since I was using cartridges instead of bottled ink. By running it across the nib, I was able to get some ink out of the pen. I went back around the letters and filled them in with a light mix of water and ink to give it just a hint of color inside the letters. Once they were dry, I gave them a final outline to darken the edges and faces and letters.

I enjoyed the small stature of the Liliput. It was easy to move around and my hand didn’t grow tired like it did with my last Monday Matchup, which was much heavier. I liked that the cap screwed onto the back of the pen for easier holding. Although, I was much less inclined to cap it when I paused in writing or drawing, which caused hard starting issues, so be sure to cap it when taking a break. The ink was a beautiful dark read. When water was added to it, it produced lighter hues of pink. I was able to get a lot of color variation out of it, which was helpful in adding texture and shading to the piece. I did find this pen and ink to be a drier combination though. I usually prefer wetter inks. If you prefer dry inks, this is a good combination for you. I would probably choose a wider nib if I were to do this matchup again for an increased flow.

This combination would be great for writing quick notes. I think one of the benefits of having the pen screw on the back is that, unless you are committed to writing for a while, it’s not worth it to screw the cap back on. It would also be great for people with smaller hands who find themselves getting fatigued with larger, fatter pens. If you love posting your pens, this is the pen for you. I felt I HAD to post the pen, otherwise it was too short for me. This ink probably isn’t the most work appropriate because it is deep and slightly muted but still a red ink. I chose it specifically for Valentine’s Day.


You can find the Kaweco Liliput Fireblue at GouletPens.com for $180. Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red is available in a 6 pack of cartridges for $3.50, a 2ml ink sample for $1.75, or a 75ml bottle for $30.
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