Monteverde Gemstone Ink Collection

Have you been tempted and tantalized by the mysterious inks in our Coming Soon section, boasting such appealing new ink colors as Fireopal and Erinite? The suspense is over! Monteverde has just introduced a collection of 10 new ink colors, ready to take their place as the crown jewel of your ink collection.The Gemstone Ink Collection features gorgeous shades that mirror the hues of some of your most favorite glittering jewels.

Monteverde Amethyst

If blue or purple hues are what you desire, there quite a few to choose from. For a true blue, look no further than Sapphire, a gorgeous ink that gives the real sapphire a run for its money. For a shade that toes the line between purple and blue, check out Charoite. Lastly, if purple is the color that captures your heart, there is no better choice than Amethyst.

Monteverde Fireopal

Not to be outshone, the red/orange/pink category is also robustly filled out with a great selection of colors. While Ruby is the obvious choice for those looking for a bright red, Fireopal offers a very intriguing burnt orange/red option that is sure to fan the flames of inspiration for your next writing project. For a drop of sunny, sensational orange, you can’t go wrong with Topaz. Or if a happy, rich magenta pink is what you seek, you’ll feel quite satisfied with a bottle of Garnet!

Monteverde Olivine

Finally, for those looking for a more reserved option or simply feeling the need for green, there are options for you as well! Moonstone, a subtle brown,  makes a great, understated work ink and pleasant change from standard black. Olivine could also make a great alternative for those more relaxed office environments where an olive green would be acceptable. But for the writer looking to really add some green panache to their writing, there is nothing like Erinite, a marvelous emerald green shade.

Monteverde Emerald Green

Although not actually part of the Gemstone collection, we cannot pass up the opportunity to shout out the gorgeous Emerald Green Monteverde has to offer. With a boatload of shading potential and a cheery color, this gem is another great ink for all purposes.

Monteverde Gemstone Ink Collection

We’re pretty excited to be adding these lovely inks to our selection. You can find them at in a 30ml bottle or a 2ml ink sample.


What do you think? Have you found a clear favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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