Almost every year, Lamy releases a special edition Lamy Al-Star. This year’s fountain pen is sure to please the blue fans out there. Introducing the 2017 special edition Lamy Al-Star Pacific! The light blue/turquoise color is reminiscent of tropical seas, hence the name “Pacific.”

It is now available at for a limited time. We are carrying the following:


Lamy Al-Star Pacific with matching ink.

It’s offered in three nib sizes: Extra-Fine, Fine, and Medium. It’s also incredible easy to swap Lamy nibs, so if you’d like a Broad or Stub nib, pick up a Lamy replacement nib and swap away. It also features a silver clip that corresponds with the silver-colored nib.

The beautiful turquoise color of this pen is distinctively different from other current Lamy Al-Star blue options. It’s a lighter blue than Ocean Blue, and a more true blue than the Lamy Al-Star BlueGreen.

Lamy Al-Star pens from top to bottom: BlueGreen, Pacific, and Ocean Blue.
The Pacific is one of the more vibrant Al-Star special edition colors we’ve seen. The Lamy Al-Star was first released in 1997 with the Aluminum model, making this year the 20th anniversary! We started carrying Lamy back in early 2011, but Brian is privileged to own a pretty robust collection of past editions prior to that, all pictured here:
Al-Star colors from left to right:
Aluminum (original, discontinued 2015), Graphite (regular), SilverBlue (discontinued 2010), SilverGreen (discontinued 2008), Ocean Blue (2007 SE, now a regular edition), Raspberry (2008 SE), Black Purple (2009 SE, now a regular edition as just Purple), Coffee (2010 SE), Ruby (2011 SE), Pearl (2013 SE), Black (2013 SE, now a regular edition), BlueGreen (2014 SE, now a regular edition), CopperOrange (2015 SE), Charged Green (2016 SE), and now Pacific (2017 SE).
Another shot of the past Lamy Al-Star special edition lineup, with the new 2017 color Pacific on the far right.
One great tradition Lamy started doing a few years back is offering a special edition ink to match the pen. This year, because of the similarities in color, the Lamy Pacific ink is a repackaging of the existing Lamy Turquoise color. The only difference is the color of the cap and a special box.
Lamy Turquoise is fabulous ink with great shading, so if you haven’t given it a try, it’s definitely worth it. If you already have a bottle of Lamy Turquoise, you may want to skip on Lamy Pacific, however, since it is the same ink.
Lamy Turquoise compared to Lamy Pacific — same color, different packaging!
Lamy Turquoise compared to Lamy Pacific — same color, different packaging!
Lamy Pacific ink is available at in a 50ml bottle for $10.50, a five-pack of ink cartridges for $4.50, or a 2ml ink sample for $1.25. The cartridges can only be used in Lamy pens.
The beautiful Lamy Al-Star fountain pen in Pacific
The Lamy Al-Star Pacific is offered at Goulet Pens for $37.60 (full MSRP is $47), with Z24 converter sold separately. If this color doesn’t strike your fancy, be sure to explore our lineup of fantastic regular edition Lamy Al-Star fountain pens.
What do you think of this year’s color? Leave a comment and let us know!

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