Happening upon the perfect piece of seaglass is a rare occasion. These gorgeous, colorful beach finds are the result of decades of weathering.  A joy to stumble upon, seaglass is tossed upon the shore by the ever-lapping waves, waiting in the sand for a lucky soul to unearth its beauty. Much like these treasures, the latest Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass will dazzle and delight the lucky few who are able to bring one home. A cool turquoise bodied pen with swirls of black and white and waves of pastel pink and blue throughout, Seaglass instantly transports you to warm sandy beaches every time you pick up the pen to write. The pen fits right in among the gorgeous sights of Key West, Florida where our product photographer Sarah was able to snap a few pictures while on vacation!
This pen is the 14th seasonal edition of our Edison Nouveau Premiere collection and carries on the wave of gorgeous, cheery pastel designs started by previous editions (like last spring’s Water Lily or last summer’s Neptune’s Pearl). Supplies are limited and it will be available for the next several months or until supplies run out. The body is engraved with the name of the pen and the season in which it was produced. It arrives in a lovely box, complete with a standard international converter so you’ll be ready to write immediately.
Just wait until you write with this Edison nib! It’s smooth-writing and flows nicely, offering just a hint of feedback. It is available in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm stainless steel nib sizes. These nibs are replaceable and swappable, available for $25 each. You can also upgrade to one of the 18kt gold nibs for $125. Not sure how to go about swapping? Check out this handy video on swapping Edison nibs!
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The Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass is available at GouletPens.com for $149 for a limited time only. You can find more details and all the technical specs about this pen on our website.
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