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In this episode, I talk about great blue inks, reviving a Lamy 2000, and writing with the new Aurora flex nibs!

New/Upcoming Products: – (1:06)
Pens/Writing – (8:37)

1) thev1k1ng- Instagram – (8:39) 
Have you had a chance to check out the new Aurora flex nibs yet? What are your thoughts on those?
  • I got to meet the nibmeister who designed these, and he explained how he makes them
  • they take the 14k Aurora nibs, cut the wings, thin the metal, and shape them to be just the right amount of flexibility without being so soft the tines easily spring
  • I find it to be quite responsive
  • easier to use than a Noodler’s flex, doesn’t spread quite as far
  • softer and more variation than the Pilot Falcon
  • not quite as soft as the Omas Extra-Flessibile nibs, but don’t spring nearly as easily, too
  • these nibs will be in extremely limited supply, only available on the Aurora 88 LE pens
  • 188 of each color, being released around once a month

2) christian_austin_little- Instagram – (17:45)
Ok so here is my question,what happens to a pen after the nib material wears off?
  • this could happen over time, so it’s a legit question
  • the best way to figure it out is to look at how people are replacing older nibs today
  • if it’s a bigger nib size and it’s worn down, it can be reground to a smaller nib size
  • you can actually have nibs retipped by a pro
  • you can smooth it and just keep using it (but it will wear fast if there’s no tipping left)
  • you can get a replacement nib from another pen

Ink – (22:53)

3) the_film_darkroom- Instagram – (22:56)

If someone said they love blue too and what ink choice to go for… Which would you say tops the list for sheening, then sparkle, best shading and one that may not have any of those characters but is just a gorgeous shade of blue?
4) @archimage- Twitter – (28:24)
Best ink bottles/inks for low levels?
Troubleshooting – (37:22)
5) mad_betes_312- Instagram – ()
brian, you always highly recommend the Lamy 2000. I love mine but like you I have somewhat greasy oily fingers. My Lamy 2000 is a year old and it is shiny in places and the cool makloron finish seems to be gone. Is that possible? I’ve washed it in mild dish soap but it still looks the same. Any suggestions for my 2000 and all other pens?
  • mine’s the same way
  • brillo pad/scotchbright pad
  • re-scuff with the grain, end to end 
  • this is pretty unique to this pen bc of the physical pattern

Business – (45:40)

6) colors_and_beads- Instagram – (45:42)

What are some products that are released once a year? (as in: would be a nice thing to collect  ) I know about Lamy Safari or AL star, or the Pelikan’s Ink of the year. Are there any others?
QOTW: What regularly released FP product has you hooked? – (53:50)

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