Hey there, fountain pen friends! Jenni here, bringing you my matchup of the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Truk Lagoon and Robert Oster Tranquility. When it came time to choose new Monday Matchup pens and inks, I knew immediately that I wanted to use Robert Oster Tranquility. I’ve been hooked on it since we introduced the line and I saw the gorgeous sheen and coloring on the overhead image Sarah (one of our product photographers) took. Read on to hear more about how I created this piece and what I thought of this pen and ink.


Since I had my ink already picked, I was excited to find that there was a small demonstrator in a color that matched the ink. I have used very heavy pens for some of my Monday Matchups and I find my hands get fatigued from all the weight so I was ecstatic to use the Nib Creaper. It’s a great size for my hands and gave me the ability to have some line variation. The inspiration for my drawings came from the name of the ink itself. I’ve found that the most tranquil moments of my life are my morning yoga routines, so I decided to reflect those in my drawings. Even though yoga can be challenging and exhausting, it still leaves me feeling calm and refreshed.
I was thinking about how I could use yoga in a Monday Matchup to show tranquilty and then it clicked! What if I made a sort of flip book, where we went through the stages of the Sun Salutation? I liked the idea of using the ink to highlight the poses, while also showing off the sheen that you can achieve when you use the ink in large amounts. I knew Tomoe River paper would be my best choice to show the sheen and the Goulet notebooks featuring Tomoe River paper are the perfect setup for a flipbook! I drew out the positions and their names on the pages of the notebook in pencil, then went over them with the pen and ink. Once that was dry, I used a brush pen to fill in the shapes with a good amount of the ink so they would have sheen when they dried. Once they were dry, I erased the pencil marks underneath and the flipbook was created!
I love this combo. It was the perfect pen for me to use with this ink. I enjoyed watching the ink inside of the pen’s demonstrator body, as well as the line variation the nib created. It complemented the shading and sheen nicely. The weight felt great in my hand, so there was no hand fatigue, which was my favorite thing about this combo. This pen writes really wet so it wouldn’t be great for any quick writing or notetaking. The ink has the tendency to smear if not left to dry completely as well. I smeared a few words because I was rushing and didn’t allow enough dry time. This pen and ink pairing is perfect for seeing the shading and sheening this ink is capable, if you have the time to let it dry. The only thing I would change about this matchup is the orientation of the notebook. I think a horizontal orientation would have been better to create the effect of the flipbook. Holding the book from the side gave me a little trouble when trying to flip the pages.


You can find the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Truk Lagoon fountain pen at GouletPens.com for $16.10. Robert Oster Tranquility is available in a 50ml bottle for $16 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50.


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