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In this episode, I talk about skinny pens, why tipping matters, and pen leaks that defy gravity!

This week:
  • Well, I’ve been in Disneyworld! But I shot this ahead of time so you’d still have a Q&A to watch. Enjoy!

Pens/Writing – (1:29)

1) missmcpanda- Instagram – (1:31)
I recently got a Lamy Logo and I love it! Can you recommend any other pens that are similar in thickness (I have quite small hands) and that aren’t too heavy? Thanks for everything you and your team do!

2) @HotCupofLoving- Twitter – (5:58)
Does a pen really need tipping material? Stub nibs work fine w/o it so what’s the deal? Also some custom grinds grind it down.

  • to function? no
  • to last longer? yes
  • stubs last longer bc of their greater surface area, but finer nibs really do need tipping to last more than a couple of years, especially gold nibs
  • yes, custom grinds do grind down tipping material, and depending on the grind it can theoretically shorten the life of that tipping

Paper – (10:54)

3) juliavdw- Instagram – (10:56)
When you trot out the travelers notebook in videos, I wonder if you use them yourself or are keeping them as collection pieces. They are so versatile! I assume you like the blue one best and if anything, would be using that one.

  • I do both, I use my Passport more, the regular size not so much
  • I have been keeping pretty much one of each version they’ve come out with since I started carrying them for posterity
  • oddly enough, I haven’t used the blue one! I totes should tho
  • I honestly have been using other notebooks recently to get a more varied experience, but I have definitely clocked some time in the TN
Ink – (16:38)
4) sparklyjavos- Instagram – (16:41)
What is the best scented ink smell for letter writing? Or best scented ink brand overall?

  • the only brands I know that even do them are De Atramentis and J. Herbin
  • DA has a LOT more options
  • they’re kind of cool, but I’m honestly not that hot on them
  • something flowery I guess is nice? many of them like coffee is kind of like “okay, it kind of resembles coffee but it’s not like I just brewed a cup”, whiskey was actually pretty spot on
  • the smell doesn’t last, so your recipient won’t smell the smell
  • for that, scented sealing wax does a lot better!
  • Atelier Gargoyle has the lock on scented wax with essential oils

Troubleshooting – (22:21)

5) @sheann828- Twitter – (22:21)
I store all my pens nib up so they won’t leak. they still collect drops of ink in the cap that get all over the pen when posted. Any tips?

  • I’m no scientist, so please give me insights if I’m off on any of my theories here
  • I think a couple of things could be going on here
  • Heat: when you write with the pen, the heat from your hand heats up the ink/pen barrel/air inside the pen. when you put it nib up, there is a temperature variance inside the pen vs inside the cap that wants to equalize, and the air wants to escape through the feed, pushing some ink out as it goes
  • Environment: perhaps there’s something in the environment (humidity/temperature) that’s causing ink to evaporate out of the feed and into that cap, and collect on the walls of the cap (this theory is weak)
  • Gremlins, especially if they get wet
QOTW: What is the most magical place on earth to you? – (29:19)

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