Hey guys, Sarah here. This week, I’m serving up some wanderlust with the beautiful Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass fountain pen and rustic Monteverde Moonstone ink. Want to hear where I found my inspiration for this piece was and how I completed it? Read more below!

When I sat down to draw, I had no idea where to start. My amazing co-worker, Lydia, has been inspiring me lately with the way she incorporates her hand lettering into her drawings, so I began thinking along those lines. When I first wrote in the quote, I had to stop and admire how fluid and steady the Edison nib was… Whoa! So smooth. I sketched some seashells around the words, but it just didn’t fit the feeling that I wanted to go for. I decided to scrap it and start over. After writing the quote over again, I went back to my original inspiration from Lydia and started doodling around it and let the words inspire the drawing. A compass naturally formed from the shape of the quote and I ran with that. I free-handed the rest of it with the pen and used a water brush pen to fill in the larger areas. My hand got so tired while drawing the tiny lines around the edges that I had to stop and take a break! To finish it off, I went in with the brush pen once more to fill in any blank space with a wave pattern.

The Moonstone ink was so intriguing to me. It looked like a warmer brown when it was wet, but dried to a cool brown with some subtle purple sheen. It was unexpected, but I enjoyed how the muted look really worked in this drawing. The Medium nib on the Edison was juicy and showed off the ink perfectly. I really enjoyed this feature and have been eyeing Edison pens because of this. The shimmery depth of the Seaglass body was another added bonus and made it fun to use.

This pen and ink combo would be good for everything! The medium brown ink might not be appropriate for every situation, but it could look really nice when using it for writing sentimental or nostalgic things. The Edison Nouveau Premiere is perfect for every writing situation, no exceptions there. I did not want to give this pen back when I finished this Monday Matchup. This experience just might push me over the edge of finally buying my first Edison pen. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this matchup!

You can find the seasonal edition Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass fountain pen for a limited time at Gouletpens.com for $149. Monteverde Moonstone is available in a 90ml bottle for $15 or a 2ml sample for $1.25.

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