Hello, fountain pen fans and welcome to this week’s Monday Matchup. Lydia here, bringing you another exciting drawing with some personal ties. I drew inspiration from one of my biggest passions to pen this piece. Read on to hear my impressions of the pen and ink, and how I created my art for this week.

Some of you may know that Major League Baseball season started a week ago and, I have to say, Opening Day is pretty much a holiday in my book. Ever since I was young, baseball was something my dad and I enjoyed together. We used to go to the minor league games near our house when I was a child and, in recent years, my dad and step-mom have taken me to a few major league games for my birthday in June. I am a die-hard Red Sox fan and even dyed my hair blue and red in anticipation for the start of the season this year. So when I got the Montverde Ruby and TWSBI Mini AL Silver for my latest matchup, my first thought was, of course, baseball! There’s no denying that this red ink is a perfect match for the stitching of a fresh, crisp, clean baseball. With that thought in mind, I set to work to create my homage to America’s pastime.

I started by tracing the outline of the batter and drew in the baseball on some Tomoe River paper. I knew the ink was capable of some sheen from the drawings our product photographer, Sarah, had done for the introduction blog of these inks so I wanted a paper that would showcase that. Then, I wrote out the quote. I really wanted to make sure the quote had some excitement to it, so I varied my fonts and added a little whimsy by making the word “curveball” curve around. I also added some dimension to it by taking a brush pen to fill in my bubble lettering that way. I like that the sheen of the ink showed up a bit there. I thought the stars and stripes motif in the final words was a neat way to add some interest too. I went back over my writing after it was dry to darken it up a bit more and make the lines crisp. I was really satisfied with how this piece turned out and I wouldn’t change a thing.

This pen and ink combo isn’t totally work-appropriate because of the bright color of the ink, but it would make a great choice for any editing or proofreading needs. The Medium nib on the TWSBI is so smooth and easy writing and the Monteverde ink flowed from it beautifully. As a lefty, this ink wasn’t my favorite because it has a lengthy dry time and I smeared it a few times as I was working. It is a lovely color though. I definitely enjoyed using it, aside from the minor oopsies.

You can find the TWSBI Mini AL fountain pen for $60-$65 at GouletPens.com. Monteverde Ruby is available in a 90ml bottle for $15 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50.

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