Ready to dust off that springtime inspiration and get your pens ready for some exciting composition? The key to a fun and carefree writing session is to make sure your pens are cleaned and ready. To get you prepped for these creative times, we are offering select Goulet cleaning supplies on sale as part of our Spring Cleaning sale. You can shop the sale here. Not sure how to go about cleaning your pens? Read on to hear our tips for cleaning your pens thoroughly or check out the video above. You can also find additional information on each product by clicking the links in each name.

To begin, you will want to flush your pen. Grab a clean ink syringe and a cup of water and fill the syringe with water. Discharge the syringe inside of your converter, pen barrel, or ink cartridge to flush water through until it runs clear. Next, you will want to take a bulb syringe and flush out the feed and nib until the water runs clean through them as well. You can write lightly on a paper towel to draw water out and see if the feed is clear of ink. If you would like to get an even more thorough clean, add some pen flush to the mix and then rinse your pen through once more with regular water to wash out residual pen flush.

If your pen has a removable nib and feed, you can grab a Goulet Grip to aid you in removing those pieces with a firm grasp. Noticing some residue between your tines or is your nib just not writing as smoothly as you hoped? Grab a brass sheet and floss those tines to remove debris and improve flow. While you have the nib and feed removed, you can also give them a more thorough clean with some pen flush and another rinse. This is also a good time to scrub the feed if you had any inks in your pen that require extra cleaning. Simply clean and rinse them off and you’re ready to reassemble your pen.

You can find more information on Fountain Pen Cleaning and Maintenance on our Fountain Pen 101 page! Don’t forget to shop our Spring Cleaning sale to stock up on all of the tools to keep your pens happy and writing.

What is your pen cleaning routine?

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