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In this episode, I talk about wet and dry inks, pro tips for attending fountain pen shows, and the most beautiful fountain pen nibs.

This week:
  • got back from Disney!

New/Upcoming Products – (1:42)
Pens/Writing – (8:34)

1) isaaccapps- Instagram – (8:37)

Does a hooded nib have any function other than just looks?
  • it sure does!
  • it keeps the nib wetter so it doesn’t dry out
  • it allows the user to grip closer to the tip without getting inky fingers
  • it often fills at a lower point than other pens, so it doesn’t require as much ink in the bottle

2) travelluxuryandleisure- Instagram – (12:57)

What are some of your favorite nibs? Not in terms of their functionality but in terms of their intricate design. Great videos and great company!
  • Visconti, especially two-tone
  • Pelikan two-tone gold nibs
  • Montblanc does a good job with their nibs
  • Namiki nibs are pretty, especially the massive Emperor nib!
  • there are many others I’ve seen, I just don’t have in my personal collection

Ink – (17:57)

3) Justin C.- Facebook – (18:10)

I hear the reference to “wet” inks and “dry” inks. What determines wet or dry? Every ink I’ve come across has been liquid and very wet :) Could you give a brand level description of wet and dry inks? 
  • all FP inks are water-based, so they’re all “wet”, really
  • it’s like how some wines are considered “dry”
  • it has to do with how much it flows onto the page
  • Pelikan 4001 inks are generally referred to as the driest of inks
  • most other brands are varied, and up for a lot of debate as to what’s wet and dry
  • it’s more nuanced, about specific inks really
  • wetter inks usually have longer dry times
  • Aurora ink is considered very wet, same with Noodler’s Eel
  • you may want to sample and experiment
  • check out individual ink reviews on GPC and see how people are rating them

4) thatlepakluck- Instagram – (31:28)

What is your favourite “novelty” ink? Or an ink that you think more people should really be using?

Troubleshooting – (38:05)

5) tfarahat- Instagram – (38:14)

What is an alternative for silicone grease?
  • In hardware stores, it can sometimes be labeled as plumber’s grease (and should say something about it being clear silicone)
  • NOT plumber’s caulk, very different!
  • I’ve heard of others successfully using Vaseline or Aquaphor, I don’t know if these are quite as inert and non-reactive as silicone grease but they can work in a pinch!

Personal – (42:18)

6) _marcos354- Instagram – (42:25)

I’m attending a fountain pen show any pro tips?
  • research ahead of time, see what vendors will be at the show (especially if you want nib work)
  • nibmeisters often work up a list ahead of time or immediately when the show opens, so go for that first if you need that work done
  • set a budget, know how much you want to spend and maybe even bring cash
  • see if there’s a map or listing of vendors when you first arrive
  • if you’re looking for something rare/specific, consider a pre-show pass or just gun right for that thing as soon as you can go
  • do a full lap of the show, spending 30-60 seconds at each table and move on, take note of specific tables you want to come back to
  • complete the lap and then revisit the specific tables
  • wear comfortable shoes!
  • bring clothing that can hold a number of pens
  • bring a phone or camera for pics
  • bring a notebook of your own, ink too ideally
  • consider going with a fellow pen geek, it’s more fun that way
  • consider bringing a lunch, sometimes you have to travel a bit to get lunch and that’s precious time away from pens!

7) drchristine74- Instagram – (54:24)

I am a huge fan of GPC and I just wondered if you’re aware of other hobbies that seem to connect with fountain pens? What I mean is that I found FPs and you guys through my knitting community. A lot of knitters seem to love them too, which I find strange. And I feel that I need to note that I’m 40 and not all knitters are old grandmas. There is a major influencer in the knitting community who also loves FPs and she has helped many of them join her
  • knitting is definitely one (Ravelry)
  • wet shaving (Badger and Blade)
  • technology/electronics
  • photography
  • cigars, typewriters, watches, knives
  • calligraphy/bullet journaling/mixed media
  • writing/drawing/cartooning (obvious, probably)
  • Legos
QOTW: How old were you when you first discovered fountain pens? – (1:00:00)

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