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In this episode, I talk about what pens feel good, brass and copper nibs, and my pens that are the “ones that got away”.

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1) @Shimmertastic- Twitter – (6:22)
What do you think of textured pens? What are your favourites?

2) _weeksie_- Instagram – (13:25)

Hey Brian, you’ve talked about the Aurora 88 flex and its extra ink reserve before. This sounds great, but why does Aurora label it as an extra ink reservoir and not a larger ink capacity? Why not, instead of creating another chamber for ink, just make the first reservoir larger? Loving the Q&A, listen to past and present episodes every day!
  • the amount of ink isn’t that significant, honestly
  • the point of the reservoir is less about the capacity and more about the function
  • it holds onto the ink while you’re writing, and is usable once you (think) you’re out of ink
  • allows you to go a little further, to at least finish your meeting/whatever
  • if it were just a larger reservoir, you might make it the same distance, but you’re not getting that reminder to refill
  • it’s like having a “empty” light in your car!

3) mdgirlforlife- Instagram – (19:11)

When a pen is too wet of a writer, is it because of the ink, nib, feed, or a combination of all three? Is there a way to modify this?
  • could be a combination of the three, yeah
  • yes, you can modify it
  • easiest is to use a drier ink (Pelikan 4001 is the driest)
  • tightening nib tines is more complicated but possible
  • feed is tough to modify, possible replacement, but often not much you can do about it

4) niewiadomski13- Instagram – (26:46)

There are gold, steel, and titanium nibs to my understanding. There are brass and copper pens that use these nibs. Why are there not copper or brass nibs to match pen bodies?? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a brass kaweco AL sport that has all that patina on the body carry over on to the nib? Or is it just not feasible and would ruin the ink flow?
  • what’s more feasible is having nibs coated to mimic these metals
  • copper and brass both corrode, would impede flow
  • I’ve seen some coppery and brassy plated nibs, not common though
  • gold and steel still rule, titanium is barely around but is

Personal – (30:33)

5) michael_pearce2k- Instagram – (30:34)

What’s a limited edition pen you missed out on or regret not getting?
  • honestly, I don’t have hardly any regrets
  • maybe because I hoard just about everything
  • Omas 360 in arco celluloid is pretty dang cool
  • I am getting more selective in what LE’s I get now, and regret little

6) onyzephyr- Instagram – (33:26)

Is there any special edition pen you’d like to see? Like if you could wish for a pen inspired by a TV-show/band/movie/book/video game, what would it be? Personally I’d love to see a Twin Peaks or Blade Runner collection.
  • none of the tv shows I watch are very “pen worthy”
  • Arrested Development- banana stand Edison Nouveau Premiere prototype
  • 30Rock- some funny Jack Donaghy pen
  • The Office, Seinfeld, other comedies
  • Something Cosmos themed would be pretty cool, I know NDT would love it (if done right)
  • beyond that I don’t know, I don’t watch a ton of tv shows so it’s hard to say
QOTW: What gives you fountain pen FOMO? – (38:46)

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