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In this episode, I talk about pens for wedding gifts, which pens fit Goulet nibs, and the pen I’d never recommend to anyone.

This week:
  • had mother’s day, took a weekend trip
  • not many new products, it’s been a little quiet
New/Upcoming Products – (:55)
Pens/Writing – (9:22)

ᄀᄒ- YouTube – (9:25)
I want to give pens as a wedding present. The couple appreciates good stationery but have never tried fountain pens. Are there any “couple” pens, or pens thematically matched in a set of two? If not, what two pens complement each other very nicely (aesthetically)?
the_film_darkroom- Instagram – (12:59)
Hi Brian, you talked a brief second about omas 360 being a triangular pen, besides the standard round/cigar shape and the omas, what other shapes are out there? Thanks for the great work.

Deepak S.- Email – (19:47)

How does Brian feel about the switch Visconti is making from the Lava Homo Sapiens to the “resin” design? Do you feel it takes away from the “grail” status of the pen?
  • from your question it sounds like you think lava is going away, it is NOT
  • Visconti’s coming out with the Homo Sapiens Elegance
    • resin instead of lava
    • C/C instead of power filler
    • cheaper!

Cathleen C.- Facebook – (22:39)

What pens can use the Goulet nibs?

Ink – (29:33)

cevt23- Instagram – (29:35) 
Why most brands include only blue cartridges with the pen? Why not black for instance? Big fan of yours! Thanks!
  • there are actually a number of brands that have black cartridges, at least as many as have blue
  • I think you see blue in a lot of starter/affordable pens, because that’s the school ink color
  • I honestly don’t know that most companies think about it all that hard, they just include whatever color they think will be most universally acceptable

Business – (32:02)

Ryan M.- Facebook – (32:04)

Will you ever be getting Sailor inks and pens in stock?
  • not in the foreseeable future
  • we used to carry their inks and some pens years ago, they discontinued supplying us due to low volume
  • I had some hard feelings about how it went down and the community was confused by the decision
  • it was still their right to make that decision, and we haven’t been in contact since
  • I did reconcile with someone at Sailor 9 months ago and apologized for any hard feelings, and let them know I’d be open to carrying Sailor in the future
  • I have no lingering hard feelings at this point, I am waiting to see if they’re open to it again
  • perhaps someday in the future, but I am not anticipating it soon
isodomon- Instagram – (34:16)
Why don’t many popular pen companies offer a lifetime warranty on their pens? I work in a fairly rough field and equipment breaks. In my search for an everyday writer, I found one (within a reasonable price range)… And the company recently discontinued the line. :(
  • a few companies do, but usually only on higher-end pens
  • this is, unfortunately, something that’s not super common these days
  • a lot of companies offer warranty support for several years, but lifetime has been a rarity since I’ve been in the pen business
  • I don’t think there’s enough volume worldwide sold of most pen models to keep decades of stock around for repairs
  • lots of companies are smaller and would have a tough time servicing old pens
  • I don’t think customers require/demand it like they used to
Personal – (37:41)

skybisoninsta- Instagram – (37:44)

What would you consider the worst fountain pen and worst ink (that functions in fountain pens) that you own? Also what pen would you NEVER under any circumstances recommend to ANYONE

QOTW: What pen shape do you tend to find most appealing? – (43:52)

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