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In this episode, I talk about dip nibs in fountain pens, grip diameter, and Lamy extra-fine nib availability.

This week / New Upcoming Products: – (1:02)

Pens/Writing – (6:49)
1) Ultimate Pixel- YouTube – (6:51)
There are a lot of fancy dip nibs that are super-flexible or have 5 lines and stuff like that. Are there any fountain pens that could hold such nibs without the need to always dip them? Or are these nibs just plainly incompatible with regular feeds?
  • Anytime you’re putting a dip nib in a fountain pen, it’s a hack
  • it can be done, though almost always with tradeoffs
  • Zebra G, Brause Rose nib I’ve heard used the most
  • flow issues are common
  • feeds often can’t keep up with the ink demand
  • the curvature of the nibs is sometimes an issue, even if it’s technically the same “size” nib
  • ornamental nibs really aren’t compatible, there’s just no design around ink flowing through them
  • it’s fun to mess around with them, do some calligraphy at a desk, etc
  • they’re not stainless steel, just regular steel, so they won’t last that long
  • these nibs definitely aren’t meant for carry around/daily use in a fountain pen
2) molindela- Instagram – (16:40)
How do you measure grip diameter for your site? Many (most?) grip sections are tapered, some flare out a bit at the end etc.
  • it’s a judgement call, and not always easy to assess because few of them are straight
  • in general, we tend to measure the thinner part of anything concave or with a flare
  • tapered is a little more difficult, we try to measure it at about the point where most people would end up holding it
  • we do get a lot of questions about which pens will/won’t fit into the Visconti Traveling Inkwell, and this is sometimes hard to gauge just by our grip diameter dimension, especially with a flare or taper
  • should we test every pen to see if it fits in the Inkwell? Maybe, that’s a lot to keep up with though, thoughts?
3) pro_echo_12- Instagram – (21:37)
I have this really burning question. how many fountain pen deaths/accidents have occurred?
  • in general? No idea
  • I personally have never dropped or destroyed a nib
  • my team has though! and customers have, so it definitely happens
  • cheaper nibs are often unsalvageable, though could be a good opportunity for nib tuning practice
  • swappable nib pens shine here, like Lamy, Goulet, Noodler’s
  • more expensive nibs might be worth repairing from a pro
4) Andrew W.- Facebook – (25:05)
Will the new Duo-Cart from Aurora be able to hold two cartridges inside the barrel like the original, hence the name Duo-Cart?
  • That is the origin of the name, true
  • the design is different though, so no, it will not hold two cartridges anymore
  • the cartridges now are “supersize”, longer than the originals anyway
  • the name harkens back to its origin but doesn’t have the same dual cartridge capability
Troubleshooting – (27:08)
5) Ginger O.- Facebook – (27:08)
Why does my fountain pen make such LOUD scratching noise when I write?
  • nib tines could be out of alignment, one is dragging/scratching
  • if it’s that obvious, you may see indentations/scratches/paper fibers being torn up
  • it could be due to your writing angle/rotation/pressure
  • nibs when writing will have some audible to it, but it shouldn’t be loud, something’s up there

6) @dongzefei- Twitter – (35:34)
Any idea about how to solve a wobbling nib after a swap? Haven’t decided to buy a Goulet Nib yet for many previous wobble experience…
  • there’s a certain degree of wobble that might be considered normal, it depends on the pen/nib
  • if it’s a little side-to-side, it’s probably okay
  • wobbling up and down or in/out is more problematic, often accompanied by other signs of trouble (poor flow)
  • Lamy nibs can wobble sometimes
  • Goulet nibs can wobble, but often fit pretty well with most pens

Business – (40:41)

7) kittytoug- Instagram – (40:43)

I recently read on another distributor’s blog that Lamy was doing away with EF nibs on Safari and Al-Star. What have you heard about this? Would it still be possible to purchase EF nibs separately or would they disappear from the FP landscape for good? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • check out the blog post we put on the blog earlier this week
  • they aren’t doing away with them, they’re not able to meet demand and are limiting distribution to Germany and Asia
  • we’re pretty bummed here in the US
  • we don’t know if this is permanent, we have no news to prove otherwise at this point

QOTW: If you could go back in time to talk to yourself on the first day you discovered fountain pens, what advice would you give? – (47:41)

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