The Lamy Safari fountain pen special edition color for 2017 is Petrol!

Lamy Safari fountain pen in Petrol

Lamy Safari fountain pen in Petrol

A beautiful deep teal color, it has a matte finish much like the regular edition Charcoal color and last year’s special edition Dark Lilac color.

Lamy Safari pens from left to right: Charcoal  Dark Lilac (2016), Petrol (2017)
It is completed with black trim and a matching black steel nib available in sizes extra-fine, fine, and medium. It comes with an ink cartridge, and you can also purchase a Z28 converter separately to use bottled ink.

Here’s a quick video showing the new Lamy Z28 converter.

A closeup shot of the black stainless steel nib.
Lamy Safari Petrol
Limited quantities are available, but we expect it should be around for at least a few months. You can purchase this fountain pen at!

What do you think of this year’s color?

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Rachel Goulet