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Rachel here, with two bits of Lamy news for you.

Lamy Extra-Fine Steel Nibs

In the last six years since we’ve carried Lamy, we’ve watched the popularity of the extra-fine nib size grow. We’ve seen this particularly in the Safari and Al-Star models, and it’s a trend we’ve seen across other brands, as well. The US market has become increasingly becoming finer in our nib preferences. Lamy has also been growing in popularity in the Asian market, which as a whole strongly leans toward fine nibs.  It’s been putting a lot of pressure on Lamy to produce these EF nibs.

Unfortunately, Lamy has had an increasingly difficult time keeping up with production to meet the rising global demand. As a result, they recently made the decision to limit the markets in which the EF steel nibs are available. So effective immediately, Lamy will only be supplying EF steel nibs to Germany and Asia. The US market will no longer receive shipments of pens or nibs in this size.

Part of the reason for the shortage, as we understand it, is that there are additional steps involved in grinding the EF nibs. It appears to be a capacity issue in terms of Lamy’s ability to manufacture these nibs and meet global demand, not an issue with poor sales or lack of interest in them.

This is definitely disappointing news for us, as EF is our most popular size. We have ordered as much of the remaining US stock as we reasonably could, but throughout the remainder of 2017 you will start to see these selling out on our site. Some particular colors are already sold through.

To clarify, this is just the extra-fine steel nibs that come on the Al-Star, LX, Safari, Studio, and Vista, in both black and silver colors as well as replacement nibs. The Lamy 2000 is not affected by this, nor are the gold nibs that come on the Dialog 3, Scala, and the Studio.

Here’s a link to all of our remaining inventory of Lamy pens with EF steel nibs.

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, if you’re a fan of Lamy EF.  We still don’t have all the information from Lamy, but as best as we can tell, this appears to be a permanent decision. If the situation ever changes, you can bet we’ll be restocking as soon as we can.

If your favorite pen in extra-fine is sold out, we encourage you to try out the fine – while it is slightly broader, it’s the next best thing.

Lamy Z28 Converters

The second bit of news is regarding the Z28 cartridge converter. The Z24 has been discontinued and replaced by the Z28. They have the same functionality and fit the same pens (Al-Star, Joy, LX, Safari, Vista), but with some small aesthetic differences. Just wanted to give you a head’s up!

Lamy Z24 converter
Lamy Z28 converter

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Rachel Goulet