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Rachel here! We’ve launched a lot of new products in the last few weeks, and haven’t been able to feature them all. So here’s a quick roundup of some of what’s new at Goulet Pens. You can check out all of our new releases on our New Products page.

Aurora Optima Rossa Red

Aurora has added an exciting new color to the Optima line – Rossa Red. The Optima is a great value pen from Aurora, featuring an Auroraloid body, clear ink window, piston-filling mechanism, 14k gold nib, and ebonite feed. The colors are vibrant, and this new red is no exception.

Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle Waterbrush Pens

Okay, so it’s not a fountain pen, but you can use fountain pen ink with it! These Caran d’Ache brush pens can be filled with water or dipped in ink to do artistic washes or brush lettering. It comes in three different tip sizes, or you can buy a set of all three at a discount.

Conklin Herringbone

The Conklin Herringbone has been re-designed again, and we love this newest iteration. The unique herringbone pattern is achieved by using a very precise computerized engraving machine to cut the deep pattern on airplane-grade aluminum. This elegant pattern, reminiscent of the Conklin crescent shape, is seen underneath a special translucent colored acrylic and coated with several layers of epoxy for protection and brightness. Available in three stunning colors in a variety of nib sizes.

Conklin Minigraph

This pocket pen may be one of our smallest fountain pens yet! This new Conklin Minigraph features a vintage-inspired resin pattern and uses the smaller #5 steel nib. Due to the small size, it only accepts short standard international cartridges. Great for carrying in your pocket or in your purse.

Edison Pearlette

The Edison Pearlette isn’t new to Goulet Pens, but these three beautiful new colors are! You’ll love the depth of the swirling resin in the Canyon Trail, Sonoran Sunset, and Azure Skies colors. The Pearlette is Edison’s smallest pen and uses a #5 steel nib. This pen accepts a cartridge/converter and also has the added benefit of being eyedropper convertible.

Faber-Castell Ambition Op Art

While we have recently pared down our line of the Faber-Castell Ambition, we couldn’t resist picking up this year’s Op Art special edition, Water Lily. It features a light pink guilloche pattern on the barrel, accented by the iconic Faber-Castell silver cap and a silver steel nib. We also are offering the Op Art Black Sands, similar in design but with a more muted color.

Faber-Castell WRITink

Leave your mark with the Faber-Castell WRITink! This pen is Faber-Castell’s newest fountain pen and their most affordable yet. The resin body feels sturdy, and the fingerprint design gives just enough detail to be interesting, but is not overly obnoxious. If you love (or know someone who loves) crime-solving novels or TV shows, this smooth-writing pen is worth a second look! It’s available in four colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and White.

Lamy Dialog 3

We actually used to offer this pen years ago, and have decided to bring it back. The Lamy Dialog 3 features a retractable nib, which uses a twist mechanism and stays sealed when closed. It features Lamy’s incredibly wet and smooth 14kt gold nib. We’ve started with just the matte black color, but please definitely let us know if you’re interested in any of the other colors out there!

Montegrappa Game of Thrones

We posted a blog overview as well as a Thursday Things inspired by this pen, but it’s worth mentioning here again! The officially licensed Montegrappa Game of Thrones pen collection features four pen colors, each named after and exquisitely designed to emulate one of the families or houses in the TV series. We’re still waiting for the Stark model to come in stock, but it should be within the next few weeks. Montegrappa themed pens are often way out of most people’s budgets, but this collection is surprisingly affordable.

Monteverde Mountains of the World

We’ve had this model for a while now, but recently Monteverde freshened up two of the colors of the Mountains of the World collection. We really like these new ones – Mount Everest, a white/black pattern, and Mount Vesuvio, a black/orange pattern. They join Mount Denali in completing the line. These pens feature a #6 steel nib and fill via cartridge/converter for a very reasonable mid-range price.

Nemosine 0.8mm Stubs

We’ve offered the Nemosine Singularity in four nib sizes since last fall, and we are excited to now stock the 0.8mm stub italic nib in most of the colors. It’s a really ideal size for those who want a stub nib that isn’t too broad. While the 0.6mm stub has been incredibly popular, the 0.8mm size offers just a tad more visible line variation when writing up/down vs left/right. It’s also available in replacement nibs, including the awesome looking re-entry nib.

Pelikan M405 Stresemann

The Stresemann is a relatively new addition to the regular line of the Pelikan M405 series. The black and silver pinstripe pattern gives a look of elegance and sophistication, without it being too flashy. The rhodium-plated 14kt gold nib writes incredibly smooth, and the smaller size of this piston-filling pen makes it universally appealing to hold. We’re excited to be expanding our regular Pelikan pen lineup.


It’s finally back in stock, and now improved! The TWSBI Vac700R features a small redesign that will improve some of the past ink flow issues. This vacuum-filling pen features a high ink capacity, making it a great choice for extending writing sessions, as well as ideal for traveling. Now back in stock in five nib sizes, along with replacement nib units.

Visconti Divina Elegance in Green/Bronze

The Visconti Divina is an incredible pen, especially considering the handwork in crafting this spiraled five-sided masterpiece. This new color features an oversized body made of pearlized green resin, complemented by the twisting inlaid spirals of bronze. The cap utilizes the ultra-smooth ‘hook safe lock’ system, and it is finished off with a large rose gold-plated 23kt palladium nib.

Visconti Rembrandts

Visconti introduced four new colors of its popular Rembrandt series, including: Back to Black, Imperial Purple, Silver Shadow, and White Marble. Each version features a marbleized resin body that is reminiscent of the artist Rembrandt’s style, with a magnetic cap and a smooth-writing steel nib. There are now a total of 8 available colors in this line.

Lamy Gift Sets

Just in time for graduation season, we have several Lamy gift sets now available. The Lamy Safari set in Blue, as well as the Lamy Al-Star set in Ocean Blue or Purple, comes in a gift box with seven different ink cartridges and a Z24 converter. Or, check out our Goulet-exclusive Lamy 2000 gift set which comes with a free bottle of Lamy Blue-Black ink.

And so many inks!

Ok, deep breath! Here are the new inks at Goulet Pens:

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