Introducing Nemosine Inks!

Nemosine Ink

New to the scene, Nemosine inks are now available and they’re out of this world! With names inspired by galaxies & nebulas far away, these inks will brighten any ink collection. Among the 10 colors includes 2 ‘twinkle’ colors (Coalsack Nebula & Blue Snowball Nebula) that feature shimmer particles to make your writing really pop. Check out all the colors below:

Nemosine Ink - Aeolis Palus Red
Nemosine Ink – Aeolis Palus Red
Nemosine Ink - Solar Storm 1859
Nemosine Ink – Solar Storm 1859
Nemosine Ink - Coruscant Blue
Nemosine Ink – Coruscant Blue
Nemosine Ink - Alpha Centauri
Nemosine Ink – Alpha Centauri
Nemosine Ink - Halley's Comet
Nemosine Ink – Halley’s Comet
Nemosine Ink - Neptune Blue
Nemosine Ink – Neptune Blue
Nemosine Ink - Pleiades Blue/Black
Nemosine Ink – Pleiades Blue/Black
Nemosine Ink - Moon Crater Black
Nemosine Ink – Moon Crater Black
Nemosine Ink - Blue Snowball Nebula Twinkle
Nemosine Ink – Blue Snowball Nebula Twinkle
Nemosine Ink - Coalsack Nebula Twinkle
Nemosine Ink – Coalsack Nebula Twinkle


If you’re looking for a great value, these Nemosine inks are for you! The non-twinkle inks are available in 35ml bottles for $7.99, while the two twinkle inks are $9.99. You can also pick up 2ml samples of each color for $1.35/$1.50. Can’t decide on a single color? Check out our ink sample package set featuring all 10 new colors for $13.80.

Nemosine Ink Sample Package Set
Nemosine Ink Sample Package Set


So many exciting new ink colors, which one has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Goulet Pen Company Team
2017-10-13T17:53:07+00:00 June 27th, 2017|Ink Reviews|20 Comments
  • VickNish

    so… how does that alpha centauri compare with the illusive lamy dark lilac? in writing it looks lighter but the sheen in the ink blob looks quite similar. can you possibly post a side-by-side comparison? and which of the other nemosine inks also have sheen?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      It’s definitely much lighter. I am using Alpha Centauri in a Pilot Kakuno with a medium nib and it looks closer to Monteverde Amethyst. The splatter does have a similar sheen to Dark Lilac though.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      The writing sample has been updated 🙂

  • crich88

    Well, that does it. I need all of them.

  • David L.

    Nice inks! Most are not quite my preference. Moon Crater Black is probably my favorite. I already have two black ink bottles, so I’m good on that for now. Blue, I have none. My cart is loaded with blue samples so I can find the perfect one. Pleiades Blue-black is also nice. I’ll try it.

    • Glenn H

      “Blue, I have none” – I can’t imagine this – LOL! If I could only have
      one color of ink, it’d be blue. I know for a fact that I have more blue
      ink than any other color, by far. Hope you find “the perfect blue” soon,
      but for me, it’s taken years, and I’m still not done. Though Pilot
      Iroshizuku Kon-peki is definitely up there on the list….

      Best of luck!

      • David L.

        Thank you! I’ve been in it over a year and am just now looking for blue. I can’t believe it myself!

      • Reynard

        Diamine Blue Velvet is my perfect bright blue. Totally matches the Penman Sapphire I bought in the 90s.

  • Miss Thundercat

    Oh, very interested in the twinkle ones 🙂 How do they compare to Diamine shimmer inks?

  • Kay Lee

    Is Coalsack Nebula completely waterproof?

    So cool. A bottle of Alpha Centauri is slated to arrive today and I’m so excited to try it. I’m putting it in a Singularity 0.6mm stub. 😀

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I don’t believe it’s waterproof at all. I think we missed a step when doing that writing sample. Sorry!

  • heylookitsjon

    I need Pleiades and Coalsack Nebula! I think coalsack will look stunning in my onyx demonstrator Singularity.

  • Adam T

    I’m guessing these were done on Rhodia dot paper. I really appreciate the inclusion of the ink blob on good paper to show off the sheen, something that doesn’t really show through on the ink swabs, e.g. Alpha Centauri. More ink reviews like this please!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Hi, Adam! Thanks! We actually do all of our ink reviews on Rhodia paper. You can check them out in the library here! Some of the ink splatters are done on Tomoe River paper to highlight the sheen.

  • Kathy

    More gorgeous ink temptations! Wow. Thanks for the comprehensive review!

  • Colin Martin

    I am a total sucker for space themes. The bottles even have the polar coordinates of the location they were bottled at.

    I wanted to buy the entire collection (a killer deal, ten inks, two shimmering for $80) but you guys ran out of alpha centauri, so I had to buy from nemosine directly (so I’m definitely still a customer for this Ink and will buy extra bottles of the stuff I like most)

    I love nemosine nibs (the 0.6 stub is one of the best stubs currently made for daily use) but I’ve heard the horror stories of the plastic used in the pens. I’d love I’d nemosine went the twsbi route and offered some well made midrange piston, vac fill, etc. Pens With their signature space themes!

  • Rollo_the_Cat

    Does the Plieades Blue Black lean green or purple or neither?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Maybe purple but it really feels more true blue-black to me

      • Rollo_the_Cat

        Thanks. Just a suggestion….for us color blind people could you guys try to include a brief description of the ink color when you do these posts. Just something simple like reddish orange or greenish yellow to help us out.

        • Lydia At Goulet Pens

          We can definitely remember to do that!