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In this episode, I talk about friction fit nibs, what pen/ink combo I’ve used the longest, and a whole bunch of business questions!

This week:
  • announced the move last week, definitely got some energy around that
    • *whoops, I misspoke – the moving sale ends today 7/28!
  • lots of questions for Q&A this week about me/the business as a result, I think
  • just a few weeks away, definitely taking a lot of my focus
  • last regular Q&A for a bit, next week will be a pre-recorded one where I go back and re-answer questions from Q&A #1, should be fun
  • After that I’m taking a couple of weeks off because the move will take all my time and energy
  • I will be going to the DC pen show, look for me walking around there
  • Taking a break on new products during our move

New/Upcoming Products: – (5:45)

Pens/Writing – (11:24)

1) arachnesthreads- Instagram  – (11:27)

How can you tell if your pen has a friction fitted nib and feed (without forcing or breaking it)?
  • this one’s tough, because a lot of manufacturers don’t really want to advertise this feature
  • it’s really a “hack”, with rare exception
  • the few companies that embrace the nib swapping capabilities of their pens often do so with a nib housing that completely unscrews, like Aurora, Edison, Kara Kustoms
  • pulling friction-fit nibs has some inherent risk, especially from the manufacturer’s perspective
  • if you ruin something (without realizing it) then talk about how poorly your (insert brand) pen writes, that looks bad for them
  • it really all boils down to trial and error
  • honestly, most nibs are friction fit, you just have to know how to pull them without damaging them
  • people like me that hack their pens apart will publicize it when they can, but there isn’t a single comprehensive list that I’m aware
  • google the individual pen yourself if you’re curious, ask folks like me or my team, or just try it yourself (there’s risk here though)
  • half the time I find out if they are just by going for it, but I’m fairly brazen at this point!
  • Looking at my site with what I currently have, the VAST majority of nibs are friction-fit with these exceptions:

2) andrew_smithing- Instagram – (22:48)

What fountain pens would hold up to a rough day job? I am a part time bladesmith and full time machinist. Heating and air conditioning isnt a thing in either job, and I tend to bump into heavy objects. Summer it gets close to 120°f and winter its in the 40s.. my current fountain pens break or leak heavily. Thank you!
  • you may be pushing the limits of practicality with such extreme conditions, just a heads up
  • Karas Kustoms immediately comes to mind
  • Lamy Safari
  • Jinhao (any of them, really)
  • TWSBI Eco
  • These are all pretty tough, so I don’t think breakage will be so much an issue
  • leaking maybe, especially with that heat, that will be hard to avoid
Ink – (29:50)
3) tintaatpapel- Instagram – (29:52)
Do bottles of fountain pen ink have expiry dates?
  • not often, and it can very a lot based on use and conditions
  • it can go years and years
  • store in a cool, dry place with the lid closed and minimal exposure to light for longest lasting
  • Montblanc has expiration dates
  • I can’t think of any other

Business – (34:53)

4) Renee O.- Facebook – (34:54)

I’ve been wondering what your management style is. What would you say is your greatest strength and weakness? Would your employees agree? You have a great team…Go Goulet!
  • lead by example- I’ll try it myself first before expecting others to do it
  • servant leadership- I bear the responsibility of my whole team, and will do everything I can to set up a supportive structure for them
  • Strength- Futuristic thinking, and willingness to work towards win-win solutions whenever possible
  • Weakness- work too hard! Care too much! ;) No really, I have two glaring ones.
    • I’m task-driven and very decisive, so I often overlook the impact that my actions have on others, especially emotionally, so I hurt feelings or give off the impression I don’t care, when in fact I really do
    • I am so looking towards the future that I seldom stop to celebrate accomplishments, for myself and others, and that can be demoralizing for my team

5) lowcountry_impact- Instagram – (45:03)

What 5 books, and in what way, have helped you build what your company has become? Thanks!!

Personal – (55:31)

6) _macros354- Instagram – (55:33)
What is the fountain pen/ink combo that you have been using for the longest time ?

7) sweetiemonsquares- Instagram – (1:00:33)

This is more of a personal question, but it stems from my experience writing with fountain pens… Since watching your interview with Ryder Carroll, I have revisited all my bullet journals since 2013. I found that i have achieved many things in these few years but never really acknowledged or given myself credit for them. @gouletpens @brian.goulet What things in your past, big or small, can you now say you are proud to have accomplished?
  • husband and father, less about accomplishment, more about living it out
  • I wanted to work with Rachel, and we’re doing that!
  • Read my journal from January 3, 2010, before I published a single video…
QOTW: What is your proudest accomplishment? – (1:15:50)

Thanks so much for joining us this week! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.
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