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Welcome to the first ever Q&A Redo! It’s been about 4 years since I started Q&A, and I wanted to revisit some of the opinions I had in the very first episode and see if they still hold up. Enjoy!

1) Steven- Facebook: – (3:43)
Ok…from this moment forward you can only use one pen for the rest of your life…what pen do you choose in the following price ranges: $50 or less, 125 or less, 250 or less, and finally…the sky is the limit…price is not an option. (be thankful I’m not asking you to choose only one ink…although I have a feeling it would be some shade of blue)

2) Alec Johnson- YouTube: – (12:53)
What is your favorite ink/pen combo that is not Liberty’s Elysium and the Pilot Custom 74?
3) Brett Poole- YouTube: – (19:37)
Why do you only sell your current selection? Do you have plans on branching out into different brands? (Read: Visconti, Mont Blanc). Also would you consider a pen refurbishing / trade-in model?
  • Original answer:
    • I’m an enthusiast, I vet the products we carry through my own experience and enthusiasm
    • brands like Visconti, MB, Faber-Castell may choose to only sell through B&M stores, which we are not
    • I will try to wear them down, carrying them if possible!
  • Today: – (21:33)
    • my original answer still holds up, though now there’s more structured input from our team that goes into decisions for what we carry, though Rachel and I have that ultimate accountability
    • since starting Q&A, we’ve begun carrying both Faber-Castell and Visconti! We’ve been exceptions for both, but doing well with them
    • MB still isn’t knocking on our door…

4) Bob- Blog: – (25:36)
What do you think is the dollar threshold where a fountain pen’s writing performance does not get any better if you spend more money. For example does a $100 pen write as good as you’re likely to get regardless of what you spend. Thanks!

  • Original answer:
    • value varies a lot overall (filling mechanisms, materials, etc)
    • writing only, narrows the scope
    • +$200 is where the writing doesn’t necessarily improve, other factors are more important for the price
  • Today: – (29:13)
    • I still agree with 2013 Brian!
    • While there has been some inflation since then, the general idea still holds true
    • I do have more experience now with $200+ pens, and there are some exceptions to writing quality improving with specific nibs like the Visconti palladiums, Pelikan m1000 and Namiki Emperor, they are unique
    • overall though, going over $200 you are spending more on other factors than just how it writes

5) Sam- Blog: – (31:16)
What’s your favorite ink, and why? Any color that you consider “yours”? 

6) Arnim Sommer- YouTube: – (34:55)
Which ink does the world still lack? 
  • Original answer:
    • Bulletproof purple or green
    • other colors of whiteboard inks
    • nothing specific in mind
    • Parker Penman Sapphire recreation
    • I’m generally pretty happy with what’s come out
  • Today: – (36:11)
    • I totally didn’t see the shimmering ink sensation at that time, even though J. Herbin Rouge Hematite led that
    • No one really cares much about whiteboard inks, forget that
    • Parker Penman Sapphire is something I hear about so little today, there are great substitutes like Diamine Majestic Blue, Noodler’s Ottoman Azure, DA Atlantic Blue and Indigo Blue
    • I think inks with new properties will become future sensations, moving past the traditional “safe” inks
    • I can see inks with unique sheens or shading properties, perhaps something that’s color-shifting! Shimmering inks with different colors of sheen in them kind of accomplish this, but there could be non-pigmented versions of the same things

QOTW: How do you like this vid, me going back and answering old questions? – (42:44)

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