Monday Matchup #154: Diamine Burgundy Royale with a TWSBI Vac700R

Summer drawings done with a TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen and Diamine Burgundy Royale ink.

Hey friends! It’s Katy and you may know me from answering your questions on Live Chat or chit chatting with you on the phone. As Summer draws to a close, I thought I’d share a little bit of my life in this week’s Monday Matchup.

This week’s pairing is the newer Diamine Burgundy Royale and TWSBI’s Vac 700R. The luxuriously silky flow of Diamine ink didn’t disappoint. And after I was finished, I realized something new about myself. TWSBI hands down has my favorite nibs. There I said it. I still love Lamy but TWSBI has stolen my heart. The medium nib was slick and smooth. It never faltered for me, even over the multiple days I came back to work on my doodles.

To get things started, I set up the banner on my Rhodia No. 16 blank notepad. “Summer Summary” just seemed nice together so I went with it. Summer is my favorite season. I was born in Florida and the love for humidity just stuck with me even after moving North. I love the feeling of getting into an ultra-warm car and driving with the windows down and AC on my feet. For me, that’s living!

After my banner was complete, my doodling evolved from there. Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration. I started in one corner and just worked my way around the page until it looked complete. Creativity doesn’t come easy to me, which I why I had to put the piece away and come back to it every once in awhile. But it was fun to reflect over all the things I had the chance to do during the Summer of 2017. I saw friends get married. Every Tuesday was spent doing free yoga in the park with about 200 other locals. And who else ate a ton of guacamole? Yum! If I were to do this Summer Summary again, I would definitely choose a larger piece of paper. I could have easily come up with many more things that stood out in my mind for this past Summer. It was such a great season with friends, family, and being in a city that I love.

I love how the pen and ink worked together. I only had to fill the TWSBI Vac 700R once for this project and I even took the pen to a few meetings. The TWSBI nib was juicy and smooth. I will say that I wished the pen posted because I have a tendency to misplace caps. Diamine ink is always lovely, in my opinion. And for this I like the rich color of Burgundy Royale. There wasn’t an intense amount of shading but, still, the color was fun to use. This combination could be used to grade papers, bullet journal, or even to take notes in a meeting like I did. The color of Burgundy Royale will transition nicely into to a lovely autumn color palette.

Summer drawings done with a TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen and Diamine Burgundy Royale ink.
Summer drawings done with a TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen and Diamine Burgundy Royale ink.
Summer drawings done with a TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen and Diamine Burgundy Royale ink.
Summer drawings done with a TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen and Diamine Burgundy Royale ink.

You can find the TWSBI Vac700R at GouletPens.com for $65-$70. Diamine Burgundy Royale is available in a 40ml bottle for $15.95 or 2ml ink sample for $1.75.

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