Platinum Citrus Black with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen: Monday Matchup #155

Gingko leaf illustration with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen and Platinum Citrus Black ink.

Hello there, Sarah here! I’m very excited to share my combo for this week, the new limited edition Conklin Nighthawk Brass fountain pen and new Platinum Classic Citrus Black ink. I fell in love with both this pen and the ink. Also, even though I’ve been at Goulet for years, I have never had the chance to try a Goulet nib. I was curious to use this Conklin exclusive because it has a Goulet nib already installed on it. The Platinum ink is fascinating and had a magical intrigue to me because it goes from light to dark as it dries. Read on to hear about my thoughts on this pair.

My inspiration for the piece came from the row of Ginko trees that lined the street outside of my former apartment. There was a brief window of time in the fall when the WHOLE street would appear to be covered in gold from the fallen Ginko leaves. I loved to walk up and down that street and admire the ways the shapes of the leaves contrasted against the ground. The distinct edges would form a very artistic pattern when the gold leaves layered on top of each other. I felt the quote from A.A. Milne matched my sentiment.

I started my composition by sketching each leaf one by one. I didn’t want the drawing to feel too stiff. There was an effect of falling leaves I wanted to achieve, so I tried to make the shapes feel fluid and like they had movement. After penning the initial shapes and lines of the leaves, I took a brush pen filled with water and ran it over the inside of the leaves. This method spread a little color from the lines, but the lines were resistant enough not to blur and disappear under the water.

The pen was a bit heavy but I didn’t mind. I realized it was a beast when posted, so I chose to use it unposted and it felt pretty well balanced. The smooth matte finish of the brass was a nice texture. I’m not normally drawn to metal pens, but I loved this one because of how durable it felt. This pen is a solid go-to for any situation because the nib is so reliable. If your hand gets tired easily, just keep the weight of this pen in mind before you choose to try this pen. It may not be the one for you. If I were to do this again, I would have chosen a broader nib. The Fine is great and smooth, but I prefer a thicker line.

The Platinum Classic Citrus Black ink is possibly one of my favorite inks at the moment. The ink appears to be a neon yellow at first and deepens to a rich gold with a slight tint of green over the course of a few minutes. The photographs were taken days after the piece was drawn so you can see that this is probably about as deep as the color will get. In the video, you can see how it darkens over a few minutes, especially when writing out the quote. Since the ink is hard to read until it’s fully dry, I wouldn’t recommend it for fast notetaking. I tried to use it in a meeting and I had a hard time seeing what I was writing. However, this would be the perfect ink for journaling or correspondance if you are doing some slow and thoughtful writing. The color can’t be beat and  the water resistance is a perk for longevity.


Gingko leaf illustration with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen and Platinum Citrus Black ink.
Gingko leaf illustration with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen and Platinum Citrus Black ink.
Gingko leaf illustration with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen and Platinum Citrus Black ink.
Gingko leaf illustration with a Conklin Nighthawk Brass Fountain Pen and Platinum Citrus Black ink.

You can find the Conklin Nighthawk Brass at GouletPens.com for $100. Platinum Classic Citrus Black is available in a 60ml bottle for $25 or a 2ml sample for $1.75.

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