Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.

Hi, all, Whitney here! This week, I’m pairing a Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray in Fine with Stipula Fading Gray to create a piece inspired by one of my favorite book series. Want to hear how I created the piece and what I thought of the pen and ink? Keep reading on to find out!

The books I read as a child had a large impact on my sense of humor and the way I write or speak superfluously. I drew great inspiration from that. I love the combination of darkness and humor in this particular author’s books. I wanted to choose something a little more tame for the Monday Matchup so that I didn’t scare everyone away, but the possibilities were endless. The research I put into this had me laughing as well.

I started by drawing my sketch out in pencil and it was honestly really frustrating. I am better at drawing from life or drawing doodles that I just make up. When it comes to creating a scenario with characters that already exist, I have a hard time. I think I just wasn’t feeling super creative when I drew it. I go through artistic moods and there are times drawing something just works and other times, not so much. It took me a while to get these characters to look right and I’m still not in love with it. Once I got it looking acceptable, I went over the pencil and erased it mostly. Pencil lines are one of my artistic pet peeves. Maybe it’s just the paper, but the ink looks suspiciously like pencil, making it difficult to tell if I’d erased everything. Then I wrote the quote in and did an ink wash around the illustration. If I were to do it again, I’d probably try it on Rhodia paper and use a different ink.

The nib on the Perkeo is so, so fine, like an undercover Extra Fine. It may have also be attributed to the dryness of the Stipula ink. Or it could also have been because I was using thicker sketch paper that is didn’t feel super smooth. I think my general frustration at the drawing made the use of this pen less enjoyable anyway. The ink was fine, but I wouldn’t say I was blown away by it. It’s a nice gray, but that’s not typically an exciting color, except maybe in the case of a gray whale. If you are looking for a charcoal gray, this is not your gray. The pen is super cute though. I wouldn’t mind using it for more everyday endeavors, like note-taking or little sketches in my Bullet Journal. I think this nib needs smooth, less absorbent paper.

Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.
Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.
Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.

You can find the Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray at Goulet Pens for $16. Stipula Fading Gray is available in a 70ml bottle for $19.50 and a 2ml sample for $1.50.

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