Thursday Things: Empty Ink Bottles

Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.

We’re crazy for empty ink bottles! Fountain pen inks come in some of the most gorgeous, eye-catching, and appealing bottles many of us have ever seen. Why not show them off? These bottles make the perfect desk decoration, especially when you find a new purpose for them. This week’s Thursday Things showcases the luscious lines and classic curves of some of our favorite ink bottles. It also serves as a great reminder that you can find these stunning empty bottles for sale here on our site! If you’re looking for ideas on how to use these beauties, check out our 7 Ways to Re-Use Empty Ink Bottles blog.

Featured products:

Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.
Empty Ink Bottles
Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.
J. Herbin Glass Dip Pens
Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.

Which brand’s ink bottle is your favorite?

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2017-10-11T13:46:19+00:00 September 21st, 2017|Thursday Things|19 Comments
  • Lin Kuei

    Pelikan Edelstein and Pilot Iroshizuku series

  • Angel

    I think the J. Herbin 1670 and Pilot Iroshizuku bottles are prettiest. 🙂

  • Tom Johnson

    Today’s Thursday Things is so eye catching, bright, sparkling. Amazing photos. My favorite ink bottles of those sold by Goulet are the J. Herbin 1670 bottles, the Iroshizuku, and Edelstein. Not sure which one I like best, but they are great bottles. I also like the 80ml Diamine bottles, with the domed shape top, just like to use them and look at them. However, if you’ve ever seen an Akkerman ink bottle, wow! Those are neat.

  • CJ

    Pilot Iroshizuku bottles are just gorgeous!

  • Uniotter

    Pilot Iroshizuku and Pelikan Edelstein are the prettiest bottles. Sadly I have all kinds of ink and haven’t emptied a bottle yet! Better get writing…. 😀

  • I may buy a couple and put Robert Oster’s inks in them. I LOVE his ink, and love that he is using a earth friendly product, but the shape, long and tall is very tippy.

  • David L.

    This is another phenomenal Thursday Things! I’ve been thinking of throwing a few in my cart with my upcoming order (recently been changed again to the Duragraph, which I had better order now, lest I change it again) My absolute favorite must be the J. Herbin 1670 bottles. Those are the bottles that you put on display. A few runners up are the Edelstein, Iroshizuku, Diamine (old version) and Rohrer & Klingner. Tom has an excellent point with the Akkerman bottles. Those are amazing! I’d love to get a few just to see them in person! The way to fill from them is also unique. Can’t wait to try that, either!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I think you’re going to love the Duragraph!

  • Timothy D. Adams Sr.

    Beautiful! Art from repurposed “throwaways.” Whoever put this together deserves a big atta boy or atta girl. Love it!

  • Indira

    I purchase an empty bottle every once in a while to add to my stash. I like the Noodler’s 3oz for the label art. They are also handy for organizing small items like paperclips. I also like the bottles that have the extra features to them like the Akkerman reservoir, Lamy blotting paper, and the bottles that come with the plastic internal well like the Platinum bottles.

  • Jen

    Iroshizuku and Pelikan

  • Kathy

    I love the old Parker bottles with the inkwell on the side. What a great design!

  • Aquaria

    Pilot Iroshizuku is definitely my favorite ink bottle.

    Second would be the Akkerman design.

    After that, it would be a tossup between Pilot Namiki’s “genie” bottle design, and Waterman’s faceted design.

    I rather like the new Caran d’Ache design as well.

  • ec

    I like the J Herbin, DeAtramentis, and the old Diamine bottles, also of course the beautiful Iroshizuku bottles..

  • Janos Haide

    For looks *and* practicality, Iroshizuku. The slightly tapered chamber and the dip at the bottom makes it easier to get to the last of the ink. I am not a fan of the tight cap : eventually it’ll get ink in it and will start to stick to the bottle threads.

    For looks it’s an even split between Iroshizuku and Edelstein

  • Paul

    I love the Iroshizuku bottles – they are gorgeous, but sadly from a practicality standpoint they’re not ideal; the top is quite small, very slippery and difficult to grip – and prone to sticking. The best ones are the old style Montblanc ‘shoe’ bottles with their inbuilt reservoir to make filling your pen easier. Pelikan Edelstein bottles are nearly as pretty as the Iroshizuku ones but much easier to get a grip on the lid! The old Parker Penman bottles were lovely, too, but long since gone…

  • Beverly Lee

    The Iroshizuku and Edelstein bottles are gorgeous, of course, and I love (and have) several Penman and Sheaffer “well” bottles, as well as the MontBlanc “shoe” (I call it ‘caterpillar’) bottle. But I’m kind of in awe of the Faber Castel bottles–old world sturdiness and class. The Visconti bottles, though plastic, are amusingly shaped. I love the old, heavy bottomed Caran d’ache bottles, too. But my favorite may be my old Omas bottle, faceted to tip for easy filling.

  • Erin Modlin

    I just received an empty Diamine bottle. I have a bottle Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, and it’s made for an eyedropper, so it’s not practical at all for filling a piston cartridge. The bottle is gorgeous and it will be so much more functional for me to use!

  • MP

    I think Iroshizuku bottles are just about the prettiest.