Introducing the Monteverde Monza!

Monteverde has just released its most affordable fountain pen yet, the Monza. At $16, it’s an incredible value and could be a great competitive option for a first fountain pen. Let’s take a look….

The Monteverde Monza is offered in four different demonstrator colors – Crystal Clear, Gray Sky, Honey Amber, and Island Blue. The benefit of the translucent body is that you can see your ink level!

The Monza fills via cartridge/converter – it comes with a small converter, which is always a nice consideration when it’s included for free. It uses short standard international cartridges.

It is currently offered in two nib sizes – Fine and Medium – and we’re told an Extra-Fine is planned for 2018. The steel #5 nibs are smooth writing, and the clear feed is fun too. You can really see the capillary action of the ink flow at work.

The fountain pen comes in a plastic pen box that you can reuse, either as a pencil box or to store miscellaneous fountain pen accessories in. Each box matches the pen in color.

To make this an even sweeter deal, the Monza is eligible for our free Monteverde ink deal. Now through the end of the year, we’re offering a free 90ml bottle of ink with purchase of all Monteverde pens – Monza included!

Have you tried the Monteverde Monza? What do you think — would you recommend it as a first fountain pen?

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Rachel Goulet



2017-10-18T13:59:26+00:00 October 18th, 2017|Pen News, Pen Reviews|11 Comments
  • robert

    It looks almost identical to the Jinhao 992. Am I missing something? Tell me why I should purchase one and not another 992.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      They do look quite similar. This pen does feature an improved nib and feed, however, for a much smoother writing experience. You also receive the full
      support and warranty services that Monteverde offers should there be any
      problems with the pen. And the free bottle of ink is pretty great too.

  • MP

    Wow, a pen and a bottle of ink for $16–that’s a pretty good deal. These look fun like an inexpensive way to try out the look of a Pilot Custom 74 type pen.

  • David L.

    I have not yet purchased a Monza yet, but it does appeal to me. I thought about getting the Amber as an eyedropper pen, but then saw that it will potentially leak. I still plan to buy it later on as an add-on to a future order (it’s $16, why not!). With the free bottle, I’m surprised they’re not all gone!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Can’t go wrong giving it a shot 🙂

  • David

    This is a Chinese Jinhao 992 which is really a crummy pen in the end. What’s worse is the Jinhao 992 itself is a Chinese knock-off of the Sailor 1911 Standard fountain pen from Japan.

    In single quantities on ebay the Jinhao 992 sells for around $1.50 USD each with FREE shipping. So the clowns at Yafa/Monteverde are marking this pen up over a THOUSAND PERCENT while adding NO real value to it. I don’t need Monteverde to honor a limited warranty on this pen, I’ll just buy nine more pens on ebay for spare parts and still end up saving money!

    Gee, I thought that this would never happen again at Goulet Pens after the Stipula Splash “flex” pen debacle. For those that don’t remember, the Stipula Splash was essentially a crap $2 school pen made in Pakistan that Stipula of Italy resold through Goulet Pens (and others) for $60-$80 USD each.

    I know I know, If I don’t like the price and/or product I don’t have to buy it, it’s a free market and all that. But that’s not what this is is about – it’s about trust and respect. Selling us this pen at this price is an insult to our intelligence.

    • The similarities from the 992 are undeniable, and I’ve tried to be pretty up front about that from the beginning (I explain it in detail in Q&A the previous two weeks). I’m not trying to pull a fast one on anybody. As soon as I saw the pen from Monteverde I told them it looks exactly like a 992. When you get into inexpensive pens like this, molds to make the pen bodies cost a small fortune, so what happens is sometimes you get multiple companies that contract out to have pens made from a single manufacturer. When I asked Monteverde if this was a Jinhao 992, they said that Jinhao isn’t making this pen for them, but it’s possible Jinhao is contracting from the same factory they are…a lot of times manufacturers keep their exact manufacturing sources proprietary, so I don’t have a 100% answer on who’s actually making these pens. But yes, I believe the bodies of the pens are identical (except for the branding).

      Now, Monteverde has sourced out their own nib and feed, and after having used the pen I’m quite pleased with the way it performs. You can absolutely buy pens direct from Chinese sellers on ebay and that’s your prerogative to do so, it is indeed a free market. But service, support, and education cost money, so there’s Monteverde’s and our markup. We don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence, we just wanted to try to offer a pen we thought wrote well. I’m sorry if it came across any different. And with the free ink deal we have right now, the pen is essentially $1, so we’re not trying to be greedy. If it’s not worth it to you, no problem, you vote with your dollars.

      • \///

        Lets be clear, Sailor Procolor was the first one with this “body”.
        Later on there appeared Lingmo/Lorelei pens. This Monza is more of their copy than Jinhao 992 (same transparent feed, same Pilotish nib-style, unlike 992 which has black feed and typical #5 nib.)

    • \///

      and what if this is a copy of Sailor Procolor? Which was practically the first one with this “body”. Oh, and lets not forget about the budget Lingmo/Lorelei (with same transparent feed and apparently Pilot-style nib).
      992 has black feed and your typical #5 nib …. which imo is better than Pilot standards :/

  • David

    And what is the price if I don’t want the “free” ink, still $16 bucks? I’ve got more ink than a giant squid. Paying for you to ship me even more ink is a waste.

  • Angel

    As a fountain pen newbie on a budget, I really appreciate a deal like this. It’s a great opportunity to acquire another pen, and a 90ml bottle of ink is a lot of ink!! Monteverde has some beautiful colors, especially the Horizon Blue and California Teal.