Hello, everyone. My name is Adam, I am the Senior Fulfillment Supervisor. I am excited to bring you this Monday Matchup today because Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year, and Fall is my… 2nd favorite season (I’m one of those weird people that loves winter). I was excited to try this Monteverde Ink Boxed Set because it looks perfect for writing Halloween cards. Read on to hear my thoughts on this pen and ink and how I created my Vincent Price portrait.

The inspiration for this piece came from my love of horror movies. The first album I ever bought was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and it as there that I first heard the iconic voice of Vincent Price. His classic films like “House on Haunted Hill” and “House of Wax” will always be some of my favorites. It felt appropriate, with Halloween being so close and these inks being the perfect Halloween hues, to pay homage to him in my piece. I honestly don’t put a lot of preparation into my artwork. I found a dramatic picture of Mr. Price that I thought was fun and went for it. I chose to use a Rhodia dotpad because I like how the dots fade away as you fill up the page, but it’s helpful to have them as a bit of a guide when trying to get the proportions right. If I were to do this again, I’d definitely leave myself more time to work on it. I had wanted to do a piece honoring a selection of classic horror movies monsters but this color palette lent itself best to Vincent Price. It did inspire me to want to put together writing sets themed around classic movie monsters though.

I enjoyed all three of these Jinhao pens but I find that I prefer the x750 personally. The Jinhao 159 performed well, but it was a bit large for my taste. The x750 is slimmer, yet feels heavier. It is a better balance for me. I like my fountain pens to have a bit of weigh. When I was using the 159, I felt more like I was using a large handled paintbrush. They are very wet pens and the colors flowed well for shading. The nibs are solid. When inking these pens up, it took them a bit of time before the flow was really good, so be patient. I own the Jinhao x750 in Silver and Frosted Black and I have replaced the nibs with Goulet stub nibs. They are among my daily carry pens. They’re functional, aesthetically pleasing, and economical. It’s a pen I feel comfortable giving away spontaneously to spread the fountain pen love.

The Monteverde Fall ink set features some strong offerings and is a great representation of fall colors. If I could do the piece over again, I would have allowed for more dry time before switching colors. Some of the lines bled and the colors mixed as I was doing the work. I think I did it all in a 2-3 hour sitting. I should have allowed a day for each color to really let things set. The shading was impressive with Fireopal. The other two, not as much. I would have liked if Fireopal was a bit redder and Topaz were a bit darker orange. The Topaz ended up bordering on yellow. Midnight Black would be an appropriate work ink. Fireopal might even work in a more relaxed office environment. Topaz is definitely more of an artistic or seasonal creative choice though. This set is absolutely perfect for sending cards to family and friends for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or other fall events.

The Jinhao 159 is available at GouletPens.com for $12.50. The Jinhao x750 in Shimmering Sands is available for $9.90. You can find the Monteverde Ink Boxed Set- Fall 2017 for $24

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