Thursday Things: Photojournalist

A photojournalist inspired flat lay of camera gear, fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

News can happen in a flash and you’ve got to have the right tools to catch the latest scoop. Thursday Things: Photojournalist is a collection of sturdy, ready for action products perfect for any would-be reporter working a story. Whether you’re looking for a rough and tumble pen that can go anywhere, like the Karas Kustoms Fountain K, or the quick draw clickable Pilot Vanishing Point for fast note taking, you’re bound to find something here. Add in a perfectly proportioned notebook that you can easily slide out of a back pocket or camera bag, such as the Field Notes Front Page, and you’re ready to go. Worried you’ll miss out on something? Check out the Leuchtturm1917 Planners to keep yourself in order. No matter what type of tools you’re looking for, Thursday Things: Photojournalist is bound to have a choice for you.

Featured products from left to right:

A photojournalist inspired flat lay of camera gear, fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

What would be your go-to pen and notebook for jotting down a story?

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  • David L.

    I must say that my favorite pen and notebook for jotting down a story depends on where I am. If I’m at home, then a Kaweco Sport and a Rhodia #16 Dotpad are my go-to. If I’m away, then probably a Pilot Metropolitan and a Maruman Mnemosyne N109 B7 or a Rhodia #13.

    That Karas Kustoms looks white in the photos! I would probably get copper, but still not sure. Is there such a thing as too much copper? If there is, then someday I will probably surpass it. 🙂 The White Eco would have fit here too. Maybe. If I were to get a VP, it would probably be the Blue Carbonesque. I love that design!

    Great Thursday Things! Perfect for a rainy day.

    • Kathy

      No such thing as too much copper! Collect away!

  • Kathy

    This is a cool Thursday Things…great concept and well executed. My dream job is to be a traveling photo journalist, schlepping through South and Central America and Australia and New Zealand. I have the matte white VP, so that would be my go to pen. I’d probably use Diamine Marine ink. Back up pen would be the Kaweco Sport, in blue. My notebook of choice is an A5 top spiral bound Clairefontaine. I have a digital SLR, and a point & shoot, but end up using my iPhone for most pictures. I’m ready to hit the road!!!

  • Tom Johnson

    My go-to pens would be one of my Vanishing Points – so quick to get in action. But I would also have my Lamy 2000 handy for its large ink capacity and ruggedness. My Karas Kustoms Fountain K would be ready to go. All thee most dependable and able to take hard knocks. The Travelers Notebook passport for storing all kinds of things in a handy pocket, quick notes, tickets – like a combo notebook wallet. Like Kathy says, a top spiral bound Clairefontaine for convenient fast work, several Field Notes tucked here and there, and a Leuchtturm1917 Planner and a larger Leuchtturm notebook as my personal journal, updated at the end of the day. I would also want a Maruman Mnemosyne notebook like David says – plenty of notebooks handy!

    My inks would be waterproof, you never know when you’ll be in monsoon season, a typhoon, or the depths of the Amazon rain forest. My TWSBI pencil would be handy too (it has its place).

    I love this Thursday Things, perfectly assembled and photographed. Many years ago our company photo club had a presentation by a professional field photo journalist. His cameras were two: a Leica M3 and a Leica M4. The M3 was dented, scratched, and beaten up. He’d carried it everywhere and it had fallen down rock faces, been through deserts, etc. Never failed to work perfectly, he felt that there were no other cameras so dependable and rugged. This was the early 70’s. I feel the same way about my Lamy 2000.

  • linda roller

    I have to comment on your camera. Pentax,is a great choice. I have had a K7 (favorite by far).My son gave me an upgrade for my K7,the Pentax K5.
    I have a few go to pens. I carry a TWSBI mini most often. THE TWSBI Eco, is my newest go to pen in the ‘field.’
    Thank you for the photo of in the ‘field’ options. My son is an insect & nature photographer,he doesn’t have a go to notebook & his birthday is soon.