Introducing Pineider Fountain Pens!

We’re pleased to introduce a new line of fountain pens from Pineider, now available at Goulet Pens!

Pineider Avatar Fountain Pens

Pineider is a company based in Florence, Italy that has been around since 1774, primarily focused on creating beautiful high-end stationery. Earlier this year, Dante Del Vecchio joined the company to help create a new line of fountain pens. He brings 30 years of experience in Italian pen design, and we’re excited to see what he’ll be dreaming up in the coming year.

The first two models to be introduced for 2017 are the Avatar, and the La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty). All are made in Italy.

Pineider Avatar

The Avatar is a regular edition fountain pen. It comes in four colors: Coal Grey, Lipstick Red, Pacific Blue, and Sapphron Yellow.

It is currently only available in a medium #6 steel nib, but we believe more nib sizes should follow in 2018. It fills via standard international cartridge/converter, and the cap closes magnetically.

The clip is in the shape of a quill, and the centerband features an image of the skyline of Florence, home of Pineider.

The Pineider Avatar has an MSRP of $280; our price at Goulet Pens is $224.


La Grande Bellezza

La Grande Bellezza is a limited edition fountain pen. A unique feature of this model is the all-new “soft touch magnetic lock” mechanism – it’s like a hybrid between a magnetic cap and a twist cap.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

It comes in two colors: Dolomite Green and Sunset Red. The Dolomite Green features swirls of green and grey, and the Sunset Red features swirls of blue, red, and black. They are all hand-blended resins.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

It features a smooth two-tone 18kt gold nib available in fine, medium, or broad. Like the Avatar, it also fills via standard international cartridge/converter.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

The collection is limited to a total of 774 fountain and rollerball pens, each individually numbered. The MSRP for the Pineider La Grande Bellezza is $798; our price at Goulet Pens is $638.40.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

Every Pineider pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a sample of the luxurious Pineider stationery paper. And, for the rest of 2017, we are also including a free 90ml bottle of Monteverde ink as a gift with purchase!


Pineider La Grande Bellezza

What do you think of these new Pineider fountain pens?

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Rachel Goulet

2017-11-17T14:05:24+00:00 November 17th, 2017|Pen News, Pen Reviews|13 Comments
  • Nathan Heisz

    That blue/red/black pen is gorgeous, but a cartridge converter pen for that much? I think that’s a bit off.

  • Tom Johnson

    All of these resins are so rich and beautiful, the depth, brilliance, amazing. The magnetic closures are nice and the soft touch magnetic lock is so cool. I bet these will sell, though the price is a bit high for me. Thanks for the introduction Rachel.

  • David L.

    These are beautiful pens! Especially the Sunset Red La Grande Bellezza and the Pacific Blue Avatar. Thanks for sharing the photos, Rachel! Sadly, this is far out of my price range.

  • MarlaBee

    Rachel, how do you pronounce this manufacturer’s name? It’s new to me.

    • Tom Johnson

      Brian pronounces the name in the Friday Q&A. He briefly reviews these pens somewhere around 15 minutes into the video.

      • MarlaBee


    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      “Pin-eye-der” is the way we’ve been pronouncing it 🙂

  • Daria

    *insert Antonio Banderas Last of Us gif*

  • Kathy

    Personally I think the Avatar is a prettier pen, but the price for a steel nib is high. I will wait to see what other nib options are available next year. The limited edition is out of my price range. I’ve bought pens in that range, but they’ve been made by established pen makers like MontBlanc and Pelikan. I’m not going to spend that much for a new manufacturer. The Avatar will be on my wish list, though, while I wait for the nib options.

    The details, like the skyline, are beautiful and remind me of the “cheaper” Visconti pens I have. Interesting that Mr. del Vecchio left Visconti and is designing such similar pens.

    I’m glad Goulet has been able to add these Italian pens to your offerings! While not for everyone, they certainly have a market and are beautiful.

  • Drone

    Yeah, and how do we know this isn’t just another bunch of cheap Chinese-made pens with a HUGE mark-ups (i.e., Stipula, Yafa/Monteverde, etc.)? And who in their right mind makes fountain pens with shiny chrome-plated sections?

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      These pens are made in Italy 🙂 I guess the grip sections are a matter of personal preference. I think it looks really nice but I can understand it’s not practical for everyone.

      • Drone

        “Made in Italy”? That’s what Stipula says about their $80 Splash pen, which in reality is a dirt cheap “Dollar” brand Pakistani-made school pen marked up 1,000%. And then there’s the Yafa Brands Monteverde Monza which you sell for $16. That pen is just a re-branded Chinese Jinhao 992 with a dab of lipstick on it. The Jinhao 992 pen normally goes for around $2 on ebay. And how about the Yafa/Conklin retread-branded pens? Those pens are stamped “Toledo Ohio”, the home of the original Conklin company. Trust me, those new Conklin pens are fresh off the boat from China, and never saw the light of day in good old Toledo! Either currently or at some time in the recent past, Goulet Pens chose to sell all of these dubious products. Be careful Ms. Lydia at Goulet Pens – in the shadowy world of fountain pens some things are not what they claim to be.

        • As far as I’m aware, Pineider’s pens are completely made in Italy. I haven’t seen the factory for myself, but this is what I understand it to be and has been communicated from the manufacturer. As for the Conklin, Monza, etc, those pens aren’t made it Italy and we’ve tried to be as up front about that as we can. I can appreciate your frustration with these particular pens and we’re doing the best we can to be honest with the information we have. The Splash we carried briefly and dropped once we understood the sentiment around it. The Monza is quite similar to the 992 and I’ve never tried to hide that, and I outright asked Yafa about that the minute I saw the pen. I’ve been told Jinhao isn’t manufacturing these pens for Monteverde, but it’s very very likely the same molds are being used for the pens. Feeds and nibs are unique to Monteverde for sure. Conklin’s lower-end pens like the Duragraphs and All-Americans are from Asia. We say on our site that “The new All American collection draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of the Conklin brand, which was purchased and revived by Yafa in 2009. The rebooted All American is manufactured overseas, assembled and distributed from Canoga Park, California, and pays tribute to its roots with a “Toledo, Ohio” engraving on its nib and barrel.” I’m going to update it to be more clear than just “overseas”. Sorry if any of this has seemed dubious or shadowy, I promise you that’s not been any of our intentions here at Goulet.