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Are you still trying to think of the perfect person with whom to share an expression of gratitude, but find yourself at a loss? Fret not, we’re here to share some of our favorite ideas with you! The spirit of Thanksgiveaway is rooted in our company value of “Express Gratitude” and there is always something to be grateful for in every day. Whether it’s someone near and dear or someone you’ve never met, you can have the opportunity to brighten up a person’s day just with the penning of a few words. Check out our suggestions below to see some great ideas of people who would love to receive some correspondences from you, as well as some ideas of what to write.

Letter of gratitude written in fountain pen ink

  • Parents or Family Members: Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, scribble out a note to one of your loved ones and let them know why you’re thankful to have them in your life.
  • Teachers or coaches, past and present: Teachers and coaches can have a strong impact on the life of a child they touched. Drop a line to a former educator and let them know how you’re doing or send them some thanks for being a part of your childhood.
  • Co-workers or Bosses: We spend a great deal of the week together in the office with our co-workers. Shower your work bestie with some love or thank your boss for the gift of good leadership with a nice letter of appreciation.
  • Local Nursing Homes or Hospitals: The holidays can be a lonely time for those missing the festivities due to illness or residing in a nursing home away from family. Sprinkle some sunshine on their day by making a card or writing an encouraging note to spread some holiday cheer.
  • Fire Stations, Police Departments, Paramedics, and other First Responders: First Responders have a very tough task to keep us safe all year round. Share your appreciation for their diligence with a note of thanksgiving.
  • Members of the Armed Forces: The brave men and women that serve our country in the armed forces, both stateside and abroad, deserve a token of our gratitude. Thank them for their service and let them know they’re in your thoughts with a nice note. Organizations like Operation Gratitude and A Million Thanks will take your letter and put it in the hands of a service person during the holidays.
  • An Anonymous Pen Pal: There are many organizations, such as More Love Letters, that have made it their mission to spread love and joy to those in need. Use your positive thoughts of thanksgiving for good and write an encouraging note to an anonymous pen pal.

No matter who you choose to write to, you are sure to brighten someone’s day with a note of appreciation. Receiving a handwritten note can have a magical effect. Don’t miss your chance to spread a bit of that magic this holiday season.

For all the details on our Thanksgiveaway contest, including steps on how to enter and what fountain pens we’re giving away, check out this blog post for more information. The contest is open until November 21st, 2017 so there’s still plenty of time to write a letter and enter!

Who are you going to write to for your Thanksgiveaway entry?

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