In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, the Goulet Team was inspired to research the recyclability of our packing materials. We’ll share with you our findings in hopes you’ll be inspired to think twice before throwing them out!

1) Packing Tape

This piece of the packing process serves its purpose and does its job. Unfortunately, once the tape has successfully bound your boxes together, it cannot be reused. It becomes fuel for the incinerator once removed from the package. It does not have a really easy recycling option but certainly performs a necessary and important job.

2) USPS Priority Box

These packing receptacles are made with recycled materials and can become a continued part of the recycling process. Simply toss them in with your other recycled paper and cardboard and let them be repurposed into another form of paper goods that will help someone day to day. No special precautions are needed to recycle these boxes, you don’t even have to remove the packing tape. That is part of the preparation process to recycling.

3) Thank You Card (As of 2019, these are no longer included in orders.)

4) Bubble Wrap

Goulet Pens tries to have the least impact on the environment while we make the most of our packing materials. Our bubble wrap materials are shipped to us uninflated and we create the bubbles in-house, allowing for more materials to be shipped and less of a carbon footprint to transport materials. These nifty stress relieving packing materials can be recycled in the same containers where you drop plastic grocery bags or anywhere that accepts #4 plastics.

5) Blue Plastic Wrap

This packing material is a signature staple of the Goulet packing process and holds the products safely in place so they don’t shift around in transit. Much like the Bubble Wrap, this product can also be recycled in the same way that plastic shopping bags can. It is composed of a #4 plastic and can be recycled anywhere that handles such materials.

6) Bubble Mailer

Simply stick on a new label and these shipping containers can be reused for your mailing needs. There isn’t a reliable way to recycle a combination fiber/plastic article, but being able to get the most use out of these mailers is another great way to reduce waste. If you take a little care when opening these mailers, you can get many shipments out of them. You can also use them for storing fragile things or give it to your cat for an new bed, the options are pretty vast.

7) Values Card (No Longer Included)

8) Packing Card

We like to send along our thanks for placing your order and to assure you that someone on the other end has triple checked your order to make sure you get exactly what you ordered. These packing cards provide us the opportunity to do so. Much like the other cards in our packaging materials, these cards are recycled with your typical paper recycling as well. Just toss them in any paper recycling bin when you’re through and maybe your card will live on to become another expression of gratitude.

9) Tootsie Pop

Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise when they open a package? We hope you enjoy the lollipops every time your unwrap a package from us. Sadly, the wrappers and sticks from these tasty treats are not recyclable but there are some great ideas for upcycling them around the internet!

10) Invoice

Our invoices ensure proper product pulling in our warehouse and provide a verification of order accuracy. You can see the contents of your order listed in every package. These detailed print outs are produced on standard copy paper, so no special requirements are needed for recycling, just toss it in with your other papers.

How do you recycle or reuse your Goulet packing materials? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Goulet Pen Co. Team