Thursday Things: Sublime

A flat lay of lime green and neon themed pens, fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

You will certainly find yourself in awe of this week’s sublime selection of pens, inks, and notebooks. Thursday Things: Sublime is a brilliant and bright menagerie of great writing tools that will inspire you to tackle the toughest of writing challenges with joy. With the right, pen, ink, and notebook, you can watch your inspiration grow by leaps and bounds, resulting in a shining example of fine writing. Stock up on the supplies you need to engage in some exciting wordsmithing with Thursday Things: Sublime!

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A flat lay of lime green and neon themed pens, fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

Which pen or ink do you find simply sublime?

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2017-11-03T18:44:33+00:00 November 2nd, 2017|Thursday Things|6 Comments
  • Kathleen S.

    I love this Thursday Things. My “sublime” pen is my Lamy Al-Star in “Charged Green.” I’ve got it inked up with Diamine “Meadow” ink. Such an energizing combination!

  • Tom Johnson

    This Thursday Things is so soothing, I can look at these photos and feel both relaxed and energized at the same time, if that makes any sense! Totally sublime for me.

    I bought the Caran d’Ache 849 ball point pen some years ago before I retired (used Parker roller-ball refills in it), and it is a wonderful pen, feels great in the hand. Alas, I don’t have much use for roller-balls anymore, using fountain pens almost exclusive now. But, I’m sure I would love one of these 849 fountain pens, and this green one is the color I would pick. Just something about that shade of green.

    My “simply sublime” fountain pen, for the time being, is my Sonoran Sunset Edison Pearlette. After some months of owning this pen I still have to pull it out periodically and look at the stunning resin, the beautiful highlights blazing through from its depths. Sigh, I just love that pen. As for an ink, not really sure I have any “sublime” inks. I have my favorites, but they are not what I would call sublime. J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor has to be the closest for me. Christmas is coming, time to load up one of my wet italic pens with this ink.

    The colors in all these photos are just perfect together, from the little succulent plant, to the blue background – everything – a real feast for my visual senses. Stunning.

  • Kathy

    Beautiful Thursday Things, again! This is just a gorgeous, inspiring layout. I keep coming back to look at it. My sublime combination is Diamine Marine ink in any smooth nibbled pen. Just love that ink!

  • David L.

    Yesterday was a busy day and this would have been perfect to help me wind down after it. However, I didn’t get to see this until now. My sublime pen is currently my Kaweco Sport. Best pen in the collection at the moment. I have to admit, lime green is not really my choice in anything. I tend to opt for a darker green if I go for green.

  • Uniotter

    Great Thursday Things, and one of my favorite colors! I find my Pelikan White Tortoise pretty sublime, especially with Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho ink. Trying to resist that Caran d’Ache as well (so I can save up for something really stunning). The one Caran d’Ache pen I have is smooth as silk, and I hear their steel nibs are frequently like that. 🙂

  • Angel

    What a cheerful Thursday Things! It’s fun seeing green somewhere this time of year. 😉 I have to say I actually prefer darker shades of green for my ink, like Robert Oster River of Fire.

    Right now my favorite combination is my dark purple Lamy Al Star with Yama Budo.