Top 9 All-in-One Gifts

Top 9 All-in-One fountain pen and ink gifts for the writing enthusiast.

Picture this… The holidays are drawing nearer and you’re still at a loss for an awesome and exciting fountain pen gift. You want to find the perfect gift that the recipient can set out and use right away and you don’t want to forget a vital part of the gift that would make this impossible. You need something you can put in your shopping cart with one click and know the gift is ready to write. What’s a fountain pen fan to do? Fret not, Goulet Pens has the solution! Check out our list of 9 great all-in-one gifts to spread the joy of fountain pens!

All in One Package Set

A Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, bottle of Noodler's ink, and Goulet cleaning set.

A clean pen is a happy pen. Give your loved one a pen and ink to write, as well as the right tools to keep it clean. The Pilot Metropolitan is a favorite first pen for many new fountain pen users. Couple it with Noodler’s Black ink, you have an unstoppable pair for writing greatness. When it comes time to flush the pen and give it a good cleaning, the Goulet cleaning set is there to help. This set features anything they could need to troubleshoot the most common pen troubles and keep it writing in tiptop form. Pick one up for $40.

Bullet Journal Package Set

Bullet Journal Package Set with Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen and Leuchtturm notebook.

Complete with a Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dot Grid journal, a Pilot Metropolitan, and a pack of Pilot Namiki cartridges, all in your choice of colors, this package set is completely customizable to your loved one’s tastes and preferences. They’ll be ready to plan and create their own system with the right tools to let their creativity fly. This set is available for $36. Looking for an alternative to the hardcover journal? Check out the Fountain Pen First Timer Set with a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in your choice of fine, medium, or 1.0mm stub, along with a Rhodia No. 16 black dot grid notepad and a random ink sample package set for $26.90.

LAMY Gift Set

Lamy Gift Set with ink cartridges.

LAMY fountain pens are a trusted and well-loved staple of many collections. Give the gift of a great pen and coordinating ink this holiday. The LAMY gift sets are a great option for any loved one, young and young at heart. These sets include a pen and set of cartridges, so they’re ready to go for fast and easy writing. Available with a variety of Safari and Al-Star colors, there are an assortment of color options to choose from. Find them at Goulet Pens ranging in price from $31.99 to $39.99.

Traveler’s Notebook Package Set

Multiple Traveler's Notebooks and refills.

Looking for a notebook as individual as you? The Traveler’s Notebook features a cowhide cover and elastic bands which hold the refillable notebooks in place. The Traveler’s Notebook package set include this stylish cover in your choice of three colors, a blank refill, your choice of two additional refills, a zippered pouch pocket, and extra rubber bands to bind your notebooks together. This is the perfect journal system for keeping your thoughts organized and separated for easy reference. Make a notebook for every facet of life! Choose from the Passport size set for $56.32 or Regular size for $67.52.

Quick Note Package Set

Pilot Varsity and Goulet Notecards.

The greatest easy gift for less than $10. Pick up a pack of 10 Goulet Notecards (you choose the design) with a Pilot Varsity in your choice of Black, Blue, or Purple. Perfect for correspondence writing or gift tags, these cards will spread joy and smiles to whomever sees them. The Pilot Varsity is a highly-favored afforable pen that writes smoothly and easily. Together, this set is the perfect first foray into writing with fountain pens without a huge price commitment. Pick up this set for $5.60.

Bottled Ink Boxed Sets

Monteverde Noir Ink Boxed Set.

An ink boxed set is the perfect gift for any fountain pen fan. Whether it’s a smaller set like the Pilot Iroshizuku three ink boxed sets or something larger like the Diamine or Monteverde 10 ink boxed sets, these collections offer smaller bottles of some great ink colors to test and try. The handsome boxes come housed making wrapping a cinch and are the perfect presentation. They range in price from $19.99 to $99.

Goulet Nibs Package Set

Give the gift of a diversified writing experience. The Goulet Nibs Package set comes in black, two-tone, or silver. It offers six nibs, ranging from EF to 1.5mm Stub, that can be swapped onto any pen that takes a #6 nib. Perfect for getting a variety of different writing expereinces in one pen! You can pick up one of these sets for $80, add in a Jinhao x450 pen for $9.90 and you have a sturdy pen and some great nibs to toy around with.

Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator Package Set

Nemosine Demonstrator Package Set with four different transparent fountain pens.

Perfect to jumpstart a loved one’s fountain pen collection, or divide the set up and gift the pens to a few different friends, whatever you choose, these pens are sure to create buzz. The gorgeous Nemosine demonstrators come in four colors, but you can mix and match them as you want in your choice of nib size when you order this set. They come with a converter, several standard international short cartridges, and an instruction manual. Pick up this set for $71.99.

Notebook Sampler Set

Notebook Sampler Set featuring different types of fountain pen friendly paper.

Step up any fountain pen experience or just give the gift of nicer paper for any writer. The Notebook Sampler Set is a great way to try out the paper brands offered at Goulet Pens and get a feel for each, before you invest in a larger notebook. This set is the perfect gift to give any writing enthusiast who wants to add a new dimension to their writing and heighten the joy of writing. The Notebook Sampler Set is offered for $16.

What is your favorite one-click gift to give during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

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