In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about his trip to Lamy HQ, how he’d design an ink bottle, and his top 5 favorite demonstrators.

This week:


1. Touzeen H.- Facebook
Your Fountain Pen predictions for 2018?

  • I have to be careful here not to give away privileged information!
  • Pilot’s 100th anniversary will mean we see some epic LE pens, that no one will be able to afford or find
  • Lamy will have both a new Al Star and Safari, can’t say the colors but I think they’ll be well received, they may have something else in the works, too
    • new distributor will get the hang of things, we’ll start to see interesting stuff going on with Lamy in the US
  • You’ll see some interesting stuff from Visconti
  • Dante DelVecchio at Pineider should generate some interesting buzz
  • Don’t know what TWSBI things will be going on, but likely more SE colors
  • Edison will continue to grow, hopefully more Premieres will become available as time goes on
  • Aurora will keep coming out with new stuff
  • I’d really love to see Conid grow and be able to start global distribution
  • Stipula Passaporto may finally exist!
  • Monteverde and Conklin will continue to have new stuff
  • I’m really unsure about ink, I don’t have any real ideas there, more shimmer, probably
  • Notebooks I’m not sure either

2. bklynight27- Instagram
What’s your top 5 fav demonstrators?

3. @namelessnanashi- Twitter
I find the gimmick on the Pilot Justus95 very interesting, but does it add complexity to the maintenance of the pen? How easy is it to disassemble and clean? How would you compare it to the Metal Falcon and Custom912 Falcon? (Assuming you fit them all with CON-70) #GouletQA

  • it’s not so much a gimmick, it’s really functional, but I get what you’re saying
  • the Justus 95 at its softest is really like a Metal Falcon, but the metal body is heavier
  • Custom 912 FA nib writes softer, and requires holding it more upright than the other two, but essentially they all deliver similar results


4. La Lynne- Facebook
My question is, if you ever had to design an ink bottle (you’ve done ink and pens, so why not ink bottles?) what would it look like? (Assuming you are going for both beauty and practicality) How much ink would you have it holding? What bits of the various bottles would you want to keep? What thing would you do that no one else seems to have thought about? What bits of other bottles would you not use at all?

  • 50ml, just the most practical for me
  • I love the Iroshizuku bottles, Edelstein
  • I’d want a wide neck, for sure
  • some kind of ink reservoir, for filling at low levels (think Lamy, Iroshizuku)
  • Possibly an insert for assisting in filling
  • I’m not super into string on my bottles, in use anyway
  • I really like the concept of the filler tube from the TWSBI inkwells, it’d be cool to develop something more universal there

5. Mher G.- Facebook
I have used pilot mixable color (ones that come with the parallel) on a Rhodia pad (both 80 and 90 gsm) with a pilot falcon but it bled through to the other page , i tried a pilot Namiki cartridge and it didn’t bleed through .i want to ask : 1) what is the difference between pilot mixable color cartridge , pilot namiki and pilot iroshizuku ink ( i have never seen a good explanation anywhere) . 2) what are some other good papers for flex writing and calligraphy that do not bleed through. Have a blessed holiday season keep up the good work

  • all these are different inks
  • Mixable inks are a slightly different formulation, I don’t know chemically what makes them so, but they are more viscous and designed for blending together and flowing specifically in the Parallel pen
  • Namiki/Pilot ink is identical, slightly more water resistant than Iroshizuku
  • Iroshizuku has the most color range


6. Roxanne R.- Facebook
I’ve been using my Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo daily for almost a year. Lately, the converter has been getting stuck—really stuck, so stuck that I ruined one converter trying to pull it out with pliers. I’ve replaced the converter and tried to clean everything, but it still sticks. Can you offer any tips? (I use De Atramentis Document Black ink.) While we’re on the subject, do you have any tips for cleaning the nib area? It seems like ink is getting stuck up in places I can’t reach and not getting flushed out with the bulb. I’m afraid to mess too much with it as it’s my most and only expensive pen.

  • it’s sticking for one of two reasons
    • the converter is worn and is flaring out, causing it to stick because of pressure used to hold it in place
    • ink has worked its way in there and is acting like glue to hold the converter in there
  • soak the nib unit overnight in water with dish soap to break up any dried ink
  • if it’s the converter, just get a new one
  • cleaning the nib area of the Decimo is easy, just flush it with water!


7. Souro R.- Facebook
Hello to the awesome GPC team! I’m from India, and due to customs regulations and duties, I have only purchased from you folks once, and that was an amazing, personal experience for me. I know that your main customer base is in the States, so my question is this: how can fountain pen lovers, who cannot purchase from you with any kind of frequency due to geographical location or customs issues, help out you folks? You push out some amazing content which is very helpful for EVERYONE in this field. I just feel that I, and many others like me, owe you for all the education you provide to us. Thank you for helping us write on! Shine on, GPC!

  • this happens a lot, we try our best but we can’t control customs/duties, shipping rates, or currency conversion
  • we have an especially significant international audience on YouTube
  • “voting with your dollars” definitely is meaningful to us, it’s how we all feed our families!
  • if you find value and can’t support us, the best thing you can do is stay engaged, give us feedback, like, comment, share, just be involved in the community and help spread the word
  • don’t feel guilty about soaking it all up (okay, maybe a little), but just share it with others

QOTW: what was the first time you ever traveled out of your home country and why? 

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