Introducing the LAMY Aion!

Lamy Aion

Anytime LAMY introduces a new pen model, it’s big news. Last year, we had the LAMY LX. Now, we’re excited to introduce the LAMY Aion! Designed by Jasper Morrison, this new pen model strives to exemplify structurally, unobtrusive functionality. The body and cap are constructed from solid aluminum, each made from seamless closed components.

The Aion also features a new and innovative stainless steel nib that showcases unconventional contours exclusive to this pen design. Despite the new nib, it still allows for easy nib swapping that LAMY is famous for. You can even upgrade it with the 14kt gold LAMY replacement nibs.

Lamy Aion Nib

The pen comes with a LAMY ink cartridge, as well as the z26 converter meaning you can start writing right out of the box. The Aion is available in two colors (Black, Olivesilver) and comes in EF, F, or M nibs. Available at for $71.20, the Aion is a great purchase for LAMY lovers or those looking for a ‘next level’ pen.

Lamy Aion

What do you think of LAMY’s latest offering? Let us know in the comments below!

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2017-12-06T09:58:28+00:00 December 6th, 2017|Pen News, Pen Reviews|6 Comments
  • Tom Johnson

    These look like great solid no-nonsense pens. Lamy has great pens in their lineup, and a reputation for quality and precision. Plus easily available switchable nibs for nearly all of their pens models. I like the solid aluminum construction, and these two colors are great basic finishes. Any personal preferences that I would add to this design are things that would increase costs and not significantly improve the design. The new nib shape looks good and I think the standard Lamy nib would look fine swapped on this pen. I believe the clip is solid and hinged and spring loaded like the 2000’s clip. A nice design touch. This looks like a good sound pen that will become a regular part of Lamy’s line for a long time. It is a good platform for special editions too, I can see all kinds of finishes – colors, iridescent metallic and rainbow colors.

  • Kathy

    What is the grip like? Looks like it might be slippery, but I can’t tell. Thanks! Beautiful pen!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      The grip felt similar to holding a Faber-Castell Loom. Not as slippery as a shiny metal but still a more slick feeling than a resin or plastic grip.

  • Angel

    I really like the look of this pen! There’s something about the understated, clean design that I find appealing. I love my Al Star, and this looks like a great step-up option. Does it have the same feed as the Al Star? Is this considered a “wet writer”? My Al Star is a wet writer, but when I write really quickly, the ink starts writing lighter. I’m newer to fountain pens so maybe this is typical. But I’m on the lookout for a wet-writing pen (fine or medium) that is a wet writer for longer writing sessions.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      This would be a great step up. I found the Aion to be wetter than my Al-Stars and Safaris and with less feedback. I found it very comfortable too.

      • Angel

        Thanks for the info, Lydia!! It sounds like it’ll be a great fit for me. 🙂