Introducing Two New Visconti Pens: Northern Lights Teal and Homo Sapiens Jade

Visconti has no shortage of gorgeous pens in their line up and the two new additions are no exception. The Northern Lights Teal is inspired by the stunning hues seen in the Aurora Borealis phenomenon, or Northern Lights. Not to be outshone, the Homo Sapiens Jade embodies the gorgeous color and qualities of the precious jade stone. Read on to hear more about the inspiration behind each pen, as well as product specifications.

Visconti Northern Lights

Visconti Northern Lights Fountain Pen

The Northern Lights is modeled from the most common color seen in the Northern Lights, a gorgeous green. This color is also seen in the rare blue tea leaf, which symbolizes inner peace and balance. The Visconti Northern Lights was designed to inspire such feelings in the writer while using this pen. This hue is intended to mirror a “pure form of nature and the harmonizing of natural thought (seen in the color yellow) with spiritual thought (seen in the color blue).” This perfectly balanced writing instrument is the ideal reminder to stay at peace and remain balanced throughout the day, despite the chaos of daily life.

Visconti Northern Lights Fountain Pen

Visconti Northern Lights Fountain Pen

This pen is fashioned from acrylic resin with Palladium- plated stainless steel trim. It is limited to 188 pieces worldwide and features a double reservoir filling system and 23kt palladium nib. The Visconti Northern Lights retails for $895, log into your Goulet Pens account to see our best price! We will initially have Medium nib size, with other nib sizes to follow in a few weeks.

Visconti Northern Lights Fountain Pen

Visconti Northern Lights Fountain Pen

Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade

Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade Fountain Pen

The Homo Sapiens Jade is another fine piece of craftsmanship. The cap of this brilliant green demonstrator is fashioned from a solid block of resin to maintain the strength and color of the crown of this pen. It is completed with a genuine Jade stone of the finial. The word “jade” comes from a Latin word meaning “guide” and this pen is sure to guide many writing adventures and lead to many important discoveries. Legend also states that Jade is a key element to reduce fear and influence positive decisions. Armed with this stunning pen, one could definitely feel comfortable making large choices and signing important documents with confidence.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade Fountain Pen

Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade Fountain Pen

The Homo Sapiens Jade is also limited to 188 pieces worldwide and is a striking resin demonstrator with palladium accents and a 23kt large palladium nib. The double reservoir power filling system keeps this pen full of ink and ready to write. This beauty retails for $1,150, but you can see our best price when you log into your Goulet Pens account.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Jade Fountain Pen

Do either of these pens strike your fancy? What ink would you use with them?

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2018-01-01T22:56:47+00:00 December 13th, 2017|Pen News, Pen Reviews|8 Comments
  • David L.

    I love that Northern Lights Teal, but I couldn’t pick up anything at that price. The HS Jade is also very nice, but I would rather have the Bronze Age. I would have to sample a few inks to find some that would work with this, but even without sampling, I would say that De Atramentis Mint Turquoise and Pelikan Edelstein Jade would be perfect for both of them

  • Waski the Squirrel

    The Jade is wonderful. I’ve always wanted both a pen and an ink in what I consider a truly jade color. That this one includes an actual piece of jade is even more of an appeal. Shame about the price.

    As for ink…I agree with David L. Both the De Atramentis Mint Turquoise and the Pelikan Edelstein Jade would work well in this pen. I would also add Rohrer and Klingner Verdura. But, I want to head in a different direction. I think a really dark black would match with this pen (OK, black goes with anything). I can also see a golden brown ink in this pen, especially one more on the golden side.

  • Tom Johnson

    The HS Jade is my choice, both for its color and the small cabochon of jade in the cap finial. I love the color of the Northern Lights resin, but having all that shiny metal at the grip and the end of the barrel does not appeal to me. As to ink, I’m not sure about Northern Lights, but I suggest Caran D’Ache’s Delicate Green might be good with the Jade pen. I went through all the greens in the Swab Shop and did not find one I really liked as a match. Personally I would probably use one of my favorites – Emerald of Chivor.
    By the way, I love the animated GIF of the Northern Lights photo with the flicker of rainbow colors moving across the pen. I forgot to mention the moving fog GIF you had for the Frost and Nightfall pens, that was also great. Like David L. these new Visconti pens are beyond my price ceiling. I’d pick up the Edison Nouveau Premiere Frost before I considered one of these two pens, though they are striking.

  • Kak_arctic

    Oh I love those pens!! Green is my favorite color and both pens look amazing! Now, if only I have a few thousand bucks to spare….

  • Sharon

    Man, that HS Jade makes me wish I had $1K to drop on a pen! But if money were no obstacle, that’s the one I would buy. For ink, I wouldn’t try to match the material. I would put a classic blue ink into it, something like Pilot Namiki Blue or Diamine Presidential Blue.

  • Uniotter

    Those are really gorgeous pens! I would pick up both of them in a heartbeat if I had the money. Both shades are lovely, and the jade atop the Homo Sapiens is amazing, and I especially like the colored clip (instead of just laser-engraved as they have been doing lately) of the Northern Lights.

  • Kathy

    I love the color of the Northern Lights, but not the metal grip, particularly at that price. I’d use Diamine Marine with it, but then I Use Diamine Marine with every pen!

  • Kathy from Albuquerque

    Hi, I love the Homo Sapiens Jade! It’s a gorgeous green color. But as many have commented its out of my price range. I would love to obtain a bottle of the ink shown in the photo with the pen and especially in that bottle shape.