Thursday Things: Hygge

A cozy, winter themed flat lay of warm toned fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

Fresh off a snowy weekend here in Virginia, we’re obsessed with all things cozy here at Goulet Pens. This Thursday Things collection features an assortment of pens, inks, and paper perfect for cozying up and writing away the day. Grab a warm blanket, a hot drink, your favorite cuddle buddy, and settle in for some content and comfortable writing with Thursday Things: Hygge. This Danish term is associated with all things relaxing, comfortable, and good for the spirit. What could possibly embody that better than a smooth writing pen, fresh notebook, and your favorite writing spot. Snuggle up and see what Thursday Things: Hygge has to offer.

Featured products from left to right:

A cozy, winter themed flat lay of warm toned fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

A cozy, winter themed flat lay of warm toned fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

Which pen do you find most comfortable for long, low-key writing sessions?

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  • Tom Johnson

    This Thursday Things makes me feel cozy! I love it, and the theme and photos. I’ve got two cuddle buddies snoozing next to me as I write this. Great pens shown here too, the Edison Pearlette is a favorite of mine, and I love the look of the Brownstone All American pen. The Aurora looks so classic to me, it just looks timeless.

    My most comfortable pens for long writing include thee with inlaid nibs, not saying an inlaid nib makes it comfortable, but it just happens that way. The wonderful Pilot E95s, my 1965 Sheaffer 14k Lifetime pen, and my Waterman Carene. The later is a metal pen somewhat heavy, so weight is not the issue with me. Others – my Edison Pearlette and two Nouveau Premiere pens. My two Lamy 2000’s. Also my Vanishing Points. My Platinum 3776 Century, and Pilot Metropolitan too are great comfortable pens.

    I’ve not figured out why some pens lend themselves to comfort in long sessions, but I suspect the distance from where I grip the pen to the end of the nib is a factor, but have not studied it since I don’t really have long writing sessions any more. The longest sessions I have are writing long letters or several pages in my large journal. So glad to see you have time this week for Thursday Things, always love them, they make my Thursdays special.

  • David L.

    This has to be my new favorite Thursday Things! The candles are a nice touch.

    I was not sure whether the Brownstone or the Lapis Blue All American should be added to my collection. I decided on the Lapis Blue, hoping that it would satisfy my thirst for the Cobalt Nouveau Premiere. Thus far, it has.

    My most comfortable pens for long writing sessions are my Kaweco Sport and my All American. I could write all day with them, no problem. The Metropolitan is, as Tom said, a very comfortable pen. I was very surprised by it when it arrived.

  • Kathy

    I did all of my Christmas cards with the new Nightfall, so I’ll go with that. I agree with Tom that the E95s is a wonderful, comfortable pen as well. I love this Thursday Things. It’s very cozy, particularly with my puppy Woody snoozing in my lap on a cool evening! I learned a new word, too, “hygge.” Any clue how to pronounce it?

    • David L.

      I just learned it, too! Also, not a clue on how to pronounce it. 🙂

    • Grammar Girl


      • Tom Johnson

        Thanks, I’ll think of an OooGaa horn to remember this.

  • Curt Allen

    I have about ten fountain pens, from a couple of antiques to half a dozen very nice new ones, but for a long, relaxed writing session, I go to my Bexley Walking Stick (Fine nib – picked it up cheap at a fountain pen show) filled with something dark and Diamine.